21 September, 2010

I Never Was Into Sports

It wasn't because I didn't want to be. I did. But for some reason, it just never happened for me. Kind of like the time I told my pastor that I wanted to be baptized. He baptized lots of other kids, but never did baptize me. I was always unlucky in that way. But thankfully, my daughter will not follow in my footprints.

We signed her up for soccer this year. We actually missed sign-ups, but I begged and she got in. When we got up the morning of our first practice, I realized that shin guards were required. CRAP! So we stopped by Walmart and of course, none her size were available. So we grabbed the adult size which didn't look overly big to me, having never been in sports.

We got to the field and I realized just how big they were. Great. I've managed to embarrass my daughter, so I think. Turns out, because she is such a confident and outgoing girl, she was not embarrassed at all, even when her friend pointed out how big they were. But still, it wouldn't do. I told her we would get new ones with Daddy's next pay check.

Turns out we didn't have to because her grandmother bought her the soccer equipment she needed. Ball, guards, socks, cleats and mouth piece. We were utterly grateful. She has no reason to be embarrassed now.

I can't wait until next year when two of my kids are in sports. Maybe 3, we will see. Do your kids do sports?


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