28 November, 2012

How Embarassing *blush*

     It seems that two of the programs we use to keep this blog running smoothly have hiccuped in the night, unless I was really that tired.  No, no.... I wasn't, so hiccups it is.  Rafflecopter, whom we absolutely adore for fast and easy contest entry returned one of my contests to it's original state which was a mere duplicate of a contest for another company.  Our apologies to Young People's Press for the mishap, it was fixed immediately after it was spotted before any entries were made.  It seems Rafflecopter also managed to cut the ending off many of my Trivia Questions for the Ripley's giveaway, but left some of them nice and long.  My apologies if the shortened questions are a touch confusing now, I  have tried my best to fix them.
     Also, it would appear that not all of my posts are being automatically posted to Facebook as they should be via RSS Social.  I will look into a new program to ensure all posts are brought to Facebook and until then, I will ensure that they are posted in a timely manner.
     Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience with these malfunctions.  Enjoy the giveaways!  There are more to come later :)
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