29 November, 2012

MyFairytaleBooks Review

     When I was a kid I wanted to be a Paleontologist.  I also wanted to be a writer, singer, artist, and ballerina.  I may have also wanted to be a chef, an architect, a dentist, a hairdresser, and even an actress at some point for a brief moment.  When you are a kid, you have all kinds of fantasies about what you might be or do when you are older.  Or maybe that was just me?  I still don't know what I want to be, but I'm kind of doing a bit of all of these as a mom ;)
     Right now, my kids want to do gymnastics and ballet.  The Big One has mentioned being a teacher (which she would rock at) and being a doctor.  The Punk wants to be a dentist.  I'm sure their minds will change, but for now, they can be whatever they want to be through play and pretend.  I like to encourage their pretend play by getting them props and outfits when I can.  Streaker has a mail bag and mailbox, Punk has ninja swords and a face mask, The Big One has her artsy smock and supplies and Baby Bee, well... she's picky with her dress up.  Now we are starting to expand beyond the costumes and reach into the world of literature.  And what better place to start with than MyFairyTaleBooks?
     The site is chock full of all kinds of different fantasies for boys and girls.  Through MyFairyTaleBooks, kids can read about all about their adventures as a Mermaid, a football star, a fisherman or a bystander in a Batman escapade!  The child can read about their imaginary trip to the circus or the fire station, among many other exciting places and events.  One of the ones I was most interested in was this one:
     It's called My Book of Prayers and it is completely personalized just like the book we received.  This book teaches your child how to pray to God and give him thanks for all that they have in their lives.  It also helps teach them how to ask for guidance when needed.
     I love that these books can be personalized with names of not only the child themselves, but in a lot of cases friends and loved ones too.  The books don't try too hard with bad personalized cartoons that try to look like your child.  In fact, in a lot of these stories, they are actually creatures.
     In the book that The Punk got, The Ballerina Princess, she is a tall beautiful blonde ballerina.  She will love to see how she looks and to pick which friend belongs to which ballerina in the book.  It just so happens that there are ballerinas of every hair color, so it will be easy for her to place her blonde, red-headed, and brunette friends into the book.
     The book is great quality.  It arrived quickly and in a nice envelope which protected it well.  The book has excellent coloring and the cover is beautiful.  It has a nice feel to it that isn't quite smooth or textured, I would classify it as a matte type finish, which I personally adore.
     I think MyFairyTaleBooks is a great resource for parents who want to encourage creative play in their kids.  It's also great for grandparents who aren't sure what to get their grandchildren, but know that little Tommy loves fire trucks or that Ericka can't wait to see Santa.  I hope MyFairyTaleBooks comes out with lots more selections for years to come.  But even if they didn't, there is something for everyone.
     What did you want to be when you were growing up?

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Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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