19 November, 2012

T-Shirts.com Review and Giveaway

     I don't know many people who don't love and miss their childhood days.  For me personally, I miss the magic of Adventures in Wonderland and the fact that I never noticed that the Fraggles had wires under their arms.  I miss the days spent endlessly just trying to come up with ways to earn money, actually believing that people may want to buy mud/clay figurines sculpted by kids or that any sane person would actually allow a 7 year old girl to use a push mower.  I think that's why I love vintage looking shirts so much.  They just remind me of the good days, a lot of them even have the Fraggles and other childhood memories printed on them.  I have quite a few and love to grab one when I see one in the stores if I have the money to do so.  I have a Pepsi one and a Thumper one among others.  If it reminds me of my childhood, it makes me happy.
      So when I went looking for a gift for my brother, it occurred to me that I didn't know him as well as I would like to admit.  We don't see each other often and we didn't hang out much growing up.  I didn't have many ideas, but I knew a t-shirt is a pretty safe gift to give.  Immediately, I was directed to T-shirts.com.  Actually, it was only search result #10 in my Google hunt.  Quite frankly, it was one of the most enticing of those 10.
     When I looked around, I was excited to see all of the options, a lot of them were artist designed, which I think is awesome.  This one in particular was one that caught my attention because honestly, who doesn't love Ramen and Video Games?
     It is one of the many artist designed shirts on the site.  But there are more categories than just artist designed.  There are in fact twenty-nine categories, including Pop-culture, Novelty T-Shirts, Funny, Cheap, Blank, and Animal.  You can find anything from your favorite team to a well loved show on these shirts.
     I looked and looked and had a bit of trouble deciding between all the great designs, but there was one that really stuck out.  And I should mention here that I know this shirt is not entirely family friendly and may even be seen as mildly offensive, but let me explain...  My brother is a beer enthusiast.  He makes beer at his home and experiments with making his own flavors, it is a passion of his.  He isn't an alcoholic, he just likes the taste and was always an adventurer.  He has also vocalized his disdain for parents forcing their children to finish their plates, especially when coupled with "There are starving children in *insert third world country here*".  We would laugh and agree that it in fact doesn't make sense to make a child feel bad and stuff themselves because that food on their plates would never make it to Africa and still be good :)  So when this shirt was found, my sister and I both agreed that it was the one to get him:
     When the shirt first came (it came super fast by the way), it was folded really neatly inside a clear plastic bag which was inside a second plastic mailing envelope.  I have gotten many shirts by mail before and most came kinda smooshed into a package that was way over-sized, but I was pleasantly surprised with how neatly this shirt was packaged.  I could tell right away before I even took it out of the clear wrapper that it was of decent quality and probably soft.  I was right on both counts.  This shirt fit very nicely and was definitely comfortable.  It wasn't wrinkly at all and the printing was very well done.
     Here is what it looked like right out of the package:
     I am so excited to give this to my brother because I know it will make him laugh.  Thanks T-Shirts.com!
     But T-Shirts.com is not just giving me a great gift to give my brother, they are also giving one to you!  All you have to do is be our lucky winner, just enter using Raffecopter below and you are all set :)  Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
     When you are done with that, why not stay for a bit and reminisce with me:
Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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Crystal Langley said...

I like the one you are wearing :P It's quite funny

June L said...

I Like the video game shirts

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