28 November, 2012

Klutz Books Review

     Klutz knows kids.  I'm just putting that out there.
     Last year for Christmas, I had won a giveaway for Klutz from another blogger, it was a book of silly inventions.  My daughter got it as a *ahem* Red gift and she LOVED looking through it.  It is one of her favorite books by far.  We all loved her Klutz book, so when I approached them about allowing me to review one of their books for Christmas, I was THRILLED when they accepted.  I had no idea what I was getting, just that it would be appropriate to my kids' gender and ages.  But I was absolutely delighted when I opened the package and saw it's contents.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  My kids are going to FREAK when they see them!
     The first book is called Fashion Forms.  It actually comes with plastic forms to help budding seamstresses build paper dresses to hang on little plastic hangers.  How neat is that!?  I would have loved this book as a kid.  The Big one happens to love designing clothes, so she will be thrilled to see all that comes with this:
     It comes with 3 dress stands, 5 hangers, 20 sheets of double-sided patterned paper, tissue paper, pattern pieces, stencils, ribbon, clear cording, sequins, glue.  And of course the book was in there.  The book shows you how to make certain parts of the clothing out of paper, like the bodice or the skirt.  It also shows you how to make ruffles from the tissue paper.
     I think this is one of the most awesome things I have seen in a long time as far as child entertainment.  I would have loved this when I was a kid and I'm not even into fashion!  I know The Big One will have a blast with it.
     The second book we were sent is way more Streaker's speed.  She is obsessed with Cinderella right now.  She dressed for her as Halloween and every time she sees her somewhere, she says "Look, it's me!" and the other girls will also point her out and get Streaker's attention.  So I was psyched to see this:
     Another crafty paper book!  Woot!  It's called "Make Your Own Disney Princess Paper Purses", but I'll just call it Paper Purses, not to be confused with Klutz and Chicken Socks' original Paper Purses Book of a much similar idea.  Streaker is gonna die for this.  Cinderella AND "Mermaid Two"!  Punk loves Belle, but I don't think Streaker will share.  The book comes with three cardstock purses inside that you can decorate with all those gems and pretties.   The actual contents of the book are 3 sturdy cardstock purses, Disney Princess cameo stickers, jewels, sequins, pom-poms, satin cord, glue, 2 sheets of cut-out accessories.  The accessories are things like a pocket mirror, jewelry, and such.
     The book shows how to assemble each purse by putting in the handles and the like, and it gives you some photo inspiration as well along with giving you ideas on how to make purses without the book.
    I think it's a GREAT book for any little girl that loves doing fashion shows or playing dress-up.  The Streaker will love it, and even the older girls are a little jealous that she is getting it.  Just two more wins for Klutz.  Three for three, not a book so far we didn't love from them.  And just cause I have all girls doesn't mean that they don't have great books for boys, check these two out:
     I know my nephews would eat those up.  Gosh, that's the second time in less than 24 hours that I have seen a book with a shrunken head on the cover.  A fad, perhaps?  Did I miss something?  I dunno, but I DO know that I DEFINITELY recommend Klutz books for any gift-giving time of year.  In fact, it may need to become part of our Ripley's/Guiness tradition I told you all about last night :)
     Please stop by their site and check them out, you won't be disappointed.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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