28 November, 2012

Petite Feet Review and Giveaway!

     When I was a kid, I wanted to do ballet so very badly.  I probably didn't have the body for it, but even to this day, I would love to get me a pair of Pointe shoes and learn to use them.  Now, I don't dance, never really have.  I can keep a rhythm and I LOVE music and singing, but dancing just never was something I had the nerve to learn or do.  But that's what's so great about ballet.  It has so much technicality to it, that it's easier to learn and to feel comfortable doing around people.  And though I refuse to dance in front of anyone EVER, it never occurred to me that I wouldn't want to do ballet.
     Skip forward 15 years.  My best friend's mother, who I looked up to dearly even if she was very long winded with her lectures and advice, was at my house for a party.  I had one child at this point and she told me very stern like, "You make sure that you give your little girl everything you wanted when you were a child and never got to have.... and don't you ever cut her hair!"  I assured her I would and I would not ever cut it short.  Well... kids cut their own hair and sometimes things happen :(  The Big One prefers it short and she did say to give my child everything I always wanted.  A haircut I loved was one of those things.  So was ballet and I was bound and determined that my kids would get it.
     But years came and went and one kid turned into two and two into four.  Ballet just wasn't in the cards anymore and I felt terrible about it.  I made my girls tutus and leggings.  I got them leotards too so that they could pretend.  The older two even got to go to a ballet class for The Punk's best friend's birthday party.  Turns out you can be too shy for ballet cause they didn't dance.  I knew they wanted to , The Punk still tells me that she wants to dance.  The Big One was teaching Baby Bee Ballet just last night on my bed.   And The Streaker loves dressing up in tutus and being the Prima Ballerina around the house.  It's the shyness that gets them.
     So when I stumbled across this DVD, Petite Feet Ballet Adventures With Liz, I was very interested in it.  I have used similar teaching techniques to teach my kids yoga and sign language with GREAT success.  I checked out the trailer and it sure is cute:
     The disc is just long enough to teach the kids a lot, but short enough so that they stay tuned in til it is done.  The kids are led from story to story, learning different movements, positions, and terms as they go.  They start with stretches and go into adventures :)  The character Waldo reminds me of something you would see on the Wiggles which is great for Streaker and Baby Bee.   It would probably engage the older two, but they wouldn't be interested in Waldo so much, just the dancing.
     Petite Feet Ballet Adventures with Liz is a really fun way to introduce your little ones to ballet at home.  Whether your child is shy, your budget is tight, or you just want something at home to help them remember their positions between lessons... this DVD makes a great resource at home.
     Liz has been nice enough to offer up a DVD to one of my readers, isn't that nice?  You know the drill, just use this Rafflecopter and you are good to go!  Good luck!  Contest ends in 2 weeks, JUST in time for it to come for Christmas :)

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Debby said...

Nope, never danced as a kid!

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