20 August, 2015

#TrimEvolution Fruit Infuser Water Bottle #Review

     I normally never jump right into a review.  I usually like to tell everyone how a certain thing fits into my life before talking about how good it is or how not good.  Though usually, it's good.  I didn't intend to just start in on this review either.  I intended to let you all know how I never drink water and how sluggish I feel and how this new water bottle is my new attempt at changing that and so forth.  Of course it's all true and I really did want to try drinking more water and I hoped this bottle would be my new go-to drink source.  But I read something in my research while preparing for this review that completely changed how I feel about the product.  So I have to start with the review.  Because now I have been thrown off-track and I don't know where else to start.
     So here goes...
     This is a Fruit Infusion Bottle by Trim Evolution, also called a fruit infuser water bottle.  Same thing.  It's essentially a water bottle with an insert cage that holds fruit so that the taste of the fruit and it's healthy qualities seep into the water.  I thought that's as far as it went.  I was wrong.
     First of all, I think I'm terrible at creating infusion mixes.  I was sent an e-mail with recipes, but I haven't gone shopping yet and only had a couple fruits on hand, no mint.  So I wasn't really "feeling" the water.  I've had fruit-infused water before with mediocre feelings toward it.  I did like the mint and the watermelon too, it left me feeling fresh, but wasn't big on the blander flavors.
     That aside, I did drink my fruit infused drinks for a few days to test out the bottle, planning to mainly use it as a water bottle for the most part after that.  So there I was researching what I wanted everyone to know about fruit infused water when I saw this:

Infused water does more than just taste good 
Many fruits, vegetables and herbs have natural diuretic, cleansing attributes. In addition to keeping your body hydrated, these types of infusion recipes will stimulate your body to flush harmful toxins from your body. Your body begins working more efficiently, weight loss accelerates, and you begin to feel good all over. 

     It didn't hit me until then, that's why I feel so freaking good!  The past couple days, I have felt like I've lost 20 lbs!  I have energy and feel lighter on my feet, like it's just easier to get up.  I don't drag myself off the bed in the morning, I get up on all fours and hop off with a kick in my step. I had no idea it was the water!
     I always drink just coffee.  The past few months I have been slipping iced tea and green tea in almost as much as coffee in an attempt to be better hydrated.  But I didn't feel the energy and "lightness" until these past few days.  And the only difference was the water that I had been drinking.
     Now, maybe it's just the water, because I never drink any.  Maybe it's the "cleansing attributes".  I can't say for sure.  But I.  Feel.  Great.  Like, really great.  And just an hour ago, I still planned to use it mostly for water alone... but not now.  Cause now I know that it COULD be the fruit infusion.  I don't know if water alone will keep me feeling this way.  But I DO know that the fruit-infused water has done well for me so far, so I'll stick with it.
     Now, as far as the actual product.  It claims to be shatter-resistant.  I can attest to that.  My daughter was in charge of carrying it back from the beach to the van and she dropped it twice, once on hard tar.  The only thing that happened was that the infuser "cage" got stuck inside the bottle and I had to pry it out.  So I guess that was a tiny con in the scheme of things.
     It claims to be leak-proof.  I agree with that claim, it hasn't leaked on me at all.  It has a rubber stopper in the top that doesn't leak.  To be honest, I'm not sure why it's even there unless it's to aid in being leak-proof.  But it hasn't dripped at all, so I'm happy.
     It also claims that fruit-infusion makes water interesting again.  Well, that's true.  For those who haven't tried it, let me explain the best I can.  It tastes like water.  But it leaves an aftertaste that makes you feel like you have just eaten that particular fruit.  Or with mint, even though the water tastes like water, it leaves a feeling in your mouth like you chewed on gum recently.  It's very interesting indeed.
     So, I know it was scattered.  That happens when I am excited, I apologize.   But those are my thoughts on the fruit-infuser bottle and the water it creates.  Have you ever tried fruit-infused water?  What did you think?
      To learn more, check out Trim Evolution on their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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