24 August, 2015

#Ohuhu Electric Pencil Sharpener #Review

     My kids are such avid artists.  They get that love of art from me, I think.  We do art all the time.  We draw, paint, craft... everything.  I love the back-to-school sales at the stores, we just bought tons more art supplies.  We got so many crayons, a couple boxes of markers, and several boxes of color pencils and regular pencils.  We've been combining these new supplies with our new coloring books and handwriting pages and we've been pretty busy lately with it all.  We've been having a lot of fun.
     You know what's not fun?  Sharpening about a bazillion color pencils because the kids can't waste the effort to do it themselves.  I say that with the most love I can muster for the situation.  I get it, they're kids and they don't want to spend precious coloring time doing something tedious like making sure the pencil can actually color.  The solution?  An electric sharpener, of course.  Our new sharpener is the Ohuhu Electric Pencil Sharpener and it works perfect for us.
     The Ohuhu sharpener is the awesomest sharpener we've ever owned, and I'll tell you why.  First of all, it's best feature is that it plugs into a USB port to get it's power.  We're talking laptop, gaming station, wall charger, even your vehicle charger.  Guess where we will be using ours the most... yup, then van!  The part that plugs into the sharpener isn't your typical mini-USB, so no one will be stealing the cord for their tablet or MP3 player.  SCORE!!!   And just in case we need it while somewhere without power, such as the beach or out hiking (you know, for nature journals and such), it can also be run by four AA batteries.
     Okay, second thing: it came with a second sharpener insert for when the first one dulls and it needs replacing.  That doubles the length of time that it can be used!  And it also has this awesome feature that stops the pencil sharpening process once the pencil is sharpened fully.  It still "runs", but it's only idling and isn't actually sharpening.  It prevents nubby pencils that kids sharpen too far.
     And another awesome feature is that it will not run at all if the shavings tray isn't fully clicked in.  So kids will not be able to hurt themselves by sticking fingers in while it's running.  You can tell that they really thought this little sharpener through.
     My overall personal opinion is that this sharpener kicks butt.  It sharpens very well and to a nice point (not the kind that could hurt you at the slightest touch, but the kind that's perfectly sharp enough for any and all drawing needs).  It's good looking, portable, and couldn't be better suited to our needs as a family with children.  I also don;t see why it wouldn't be perfectly suited for pretty much anyone who uses pencils of any sort.  I should also let you know that it's been dropped many times since we've had it and is still functioning like it's brand new and looks wonderful.  We will be using this a lot, especially with all the art we do.
     What kinds of art does your family do?
     To learn more, check out Ohuhu on Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, and their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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