28 August, 2015

Pet Car Seat Cover #Review #StrongholdCover

     So, you know that we've been going to the beach every day, right?  Well, it's slowed down some, but mostly every day.  It's a pay-by-day place, but we were lucky enough to be gifted a season pass.  Well, they close at sunset so we've been trying a few of the free spots along the road after they close.  Turns out that night swimming is super fun, especially for the kids.  The next "free spot" on our list is the doggy beach right outside the pay beach.
     Though we can't take our dog Rosco to the pay beach, we could take him to the doggy beach right next to the beach itself.  The dog could use a good bath, he doesn't get one often.  Lately he's been starting to lose all his fur and he's looking kinda gross.  I think a good brushing and a swim would do wonders.  But I always dread taking him anywhere.  First of all, because he's not so great on leashes.  Second of all, he's shedding like crazy and I don't want that in my van.  EWWWW!  I have enough mess with just the kids in there.
     Luckily that second problem isn't really a problem anymore.   I just installed (I use the term loosely) a Stronghold Pet Car Seat Cover for the van.  It's perfect for quickly getting pet hair out of the van, along with anything else they might carry in, like paw dirt.  
     My first impression when I saw it was that it was very thick material.  This isn't just a slip cover, this is a heavy duty tough cloth shield, it's awesome.  My dog tore my mattress cover up in no time with his claws, I was a bit worried that the cover would be the same.  But as soon as I felt it, I knew... that won't happen here at all, this thing is rugged.
     I then noticed a could things.  First was that the straps that go around the head rest are adjustable.  Thank you, Stronghold.  I personally don;t care for the look of it hanging down and my seats are short, so I tightened those right up as much as I could.  The second thing was the non-slip grip pad on the underside of the seat to ensure that it doesn't slip around and your dog get hurt.
     Other cool features worth mentioning are the pull handles and the Velcro.   The pull handles go through the crack in the seat to make a nice tight crease for the cover.  The Velcro allows seat belts to be pulled through so that children and dogs can both use it.  To be honest, I will be keeping this installed all of the time, even when Rosco is not with us.  I wish I could install one on my front bench seat, but it has the built-in car seats.
     And last, but not least, it also has more straps on the bottom to attach to the head rests in front of it and create a hammock of sorts to further protect the dog from falling off the seat if the vehicle stops suddenly.  I tried to get a good photo of it this way in my van, but my side doors only open so far, so an Amazon photo of it will have to do, it does it better justice anyhow.
     Okay, personal opinion time:  Would I recommend this?  Heck yes!  Will I use it for my dog?  I will if he's riding with me anywhere, yes.  If it happens to be in the wash at the time, he rides with my husband.  Aren't I sweet?  Is it a quality product?  I definitely believe that it is, yes.  Any critique?......... Maybe more color choices to help match the interior.  I guess that's all the critique that I have.  I really love this cover.  My kids were even arguing to be the one allowed to sit on it and I can never get my kids to sit out in the back.  So I'm happy!
     What's your best tip for keeping vehicle seats clean?
     To learn more, visit Stronghold accessories on Facebook, Amazon, and their website or visit Outdoor Cover Store on their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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