25 August, 2015

5 Inch Black Felt #TopHat #Review

     A friend of ours recently gave us some zucchini.  They are fairly large and I was super excited to get them.  Of course the first think that I thought to do with them was zucchini bread.  That would give us breakfast for several days.  And as I drove home, I felt the phone in my back pocket and took it out so it wouldn't bother me.  I was so happy to finally have a phone that I can use to record on.  And then it hit me.  The Little Red Hen!  SHE made bread!  How awesome would it be to do a play about our zucchini and how no one wants to help Streaker make the bread!?
     I'm still working on it, I'm slow to action, but I still want to do it.  We've changed the story up quite a bit.  In our story, no one will help Streaker to wash and cut the zucchini, wash the bread pans, make the bread mix, or help cook it.  The bread ends up getting burnt so that no one can enjoy it.  When the kids who didn't help see how sad Streaker is about it, they get together and each finally do their part to try to save the day.  The bread comes out just right and they all get to have some because they learned to work as a team and put others before themselves.
     But anyways, we've been thinking about costumes.  We don't really want the kids to come across as kids in the play, because what kid asks other kids to help them bake bread?  A cool kid, but not any of mine!  So we're going to use our new Top Hat from Funny Party Hats to make Punky look like a banker who is just too busy to help because "time is money".  She will also have a bow tie and suit jacket of course, but the hat will really finish off the look.
     When I got the hat in the mail, I was really surprised at how well it was made.  We've gotten costume hats before and within the first hour, it had a crease in it or a tear or it crackled when it was moved.  We haven't had very good experiences.  But this hat isn't like that.  It's made of felt and is thick and holds it's shape well.
     It has a nice smooth ribbon stapled to the middle of it that can be used as is or as a holder for a decorative clip, flower, etc.   We will be clipping a pretty hair piece to it because Streaker will be playing the part of a lady.
     The inside of the hat fits very well.  It's a nice fit on me and a looser fit in the kids without it falling in front of their face.  Even the baby wears it without it falling off him every other thing.  I think it could fit snugly on my husband, who has a larger head than I do.  So it's a very versatile hat that way and we could use it for everyone in our family for either plays or for Halloween.  This would make a great prop for a banker costume or a magician, maybe as the Mad Hatter with a few small add-ons.  We're very glad to have it in our arsenal of dress-up equipment.  And it will definitely come in handy when we do our play.
     When's the last time you were in a play?
     To learn more, check out Funny Party Hats on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or their website.

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