08 August, 2015

16-Color Rainbow Wheel Glitter #Tattoo Set #Review - #tcpCustomBodyArt

     You know... I don't think that I remember a time in my childhood when gumball machines held anything but gumballs, handfuls of small candy morsels, and cheap jewelry.  Did they ever even hold tattoos?  I don't know.  I don't think they did.  Nowadays, there are watches, key chains, puzzle erasers (anyone see the sense in an eraser that you can't use?), and about a bazillion other choices that change each time you come back to the store.
     When we first saw the glitter tattoos in the machines, we were so excited.  I got a bunch of them and we eagerly put them on and oohed and awwed over the sparkles.  But you know what?  By the next morning, it looked like a dirt tattoo.  Just dirt caked on in the shape of some slightly familiar object.  It looks gross.  And since that first time getting them, I've never looked at them the same way again.  I see them in the vending machine and all I see is nasty, day old, dirty grime.
     So then, why are my kids wearing glitter tattoos?  Honestly, it's because we got them free and we were testing them out... but you'll be interested to know that we have done a LOT of them since then and we are in love!  The kit that we used is called the 16 Color Rainbow Glitter Tattoo Wheel Set in the Custom Body Art line.
     Here's how it works:  First, you peel the stencil from the base and apply it to the skin, making sure to press it down well.  After that, you apply a thin layer of glue to the inside of the stencil and wait til the glue is transparent.  Finally, you peel the stencil off carefully and use the brush, dipped in glitter, to apply the color to the area.  After a quick brush with the big brush, you're done.
      The whole process takes about 3 minutes, less if you're well-practiced.  The colors are bright and vivid.  The stencils are actually semi-reusable.  You have to wait for the glue to dry and not be tacky which can take days.  You may be able to wipe it off, I didn't try.  But after it's dry, it can be re-used.  Personally, I like doing my own designs with the glue pen anyway.  I wish I had taken a photo of the rose I made for Baby Bee.
     So here's how it held up.  The top photo here was taken right after it was done being made.  The second photo was taken about 46 hours later, after five hours of swimming, an application of sun block, lots of playing, lots of hot van riding, and even a wood chip fight in the rain.  Notice that it does NOT look like dirt.  I was really surprised and the girls were so proud of their tattoos.
     Now, there is something that I need to take a picture of that I think is pretty awesome.  Remember a few years back, (I hope it's a few years, or else I am way older than I thought), when it was cool to tan with a heart or star sticker on your body so that you had a light mark in your skin?  Well my kids go to the beach every day and have tanned pretty well this year and The Big One and Boogie especially have gotten some nice light marks.  The Big One has an AWESOME dragon on her shoulder and Boog has a fainter butterfly on his chest.  He likes butterflies and moths, he calls them flowers.
     And one more thing, because I was most curious about this part before we saw it in person:

     The glitter containers are pretty darn big.  We've barely tapped the surface and we've definitely been using the kit quite a bit.  You can buy glue refills and replacement brushes on Amazon.  I don't see where you can buy glitter refills, but if you can't, I'm thinking it would be easy to improvise.  Overall, we are all very happy with this set.  The tattoos look great, there is room for personal creativity, the colors are beautiful and it lasts well.  Big thumbs up from all of us, even Boogie.

     What's your favorite form of body art?  Do you have a favorite product?

     To learn more, visit Custom Body Art on Facebook and on their website, and visit TCP Global on Facebook and Twitter.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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