10 August, 2015

Mommy and Me Date with Baby Bee

     The Big One, Punk, and The Big One's friend, Little M are all gone for the week at camp.  This is the first morning in an entire week of having only three kids at home.  And a certain Broofy decides that it's a great day to call his wife at 5 in the morning to ask a favor.  I wrote letters for Punk to read each night and I told her that I was sleeping all day today.  Yet here it is at 6 in the morning and I can't sleep.  I tried getting back to sleep, oh yes I did.  Even with a dog and 3 kids in my bed, I feel wide awake.  I even tried reaching over the dog's butt and holding Boogie's hand to help me settle back in... but nope.  And now I'm hungry to boot.  This morning is not the super awesome first morning of vacation that I had planned.
     So here I am talking with all of you.  How is your morning?  Get good sleep?  Drink a coffee for me this morning, will you?
     Okay, so lately I have been going on Mommy and Me Dates.  I did it once before and it was good to get that time alone.  But this time I am doing it better.  I'm not excusing them from school for the day, so I'm not sure if the kids like it better, but I do.
     Saturday evening was my date with Baby Bee.  I got to say, it was one of the funnest dates ever.  I let her direct me on where to go.  It was the coolest thing.  She directed me to drive behind all these businesses and in alleys I had never been to before.  We walked across a wooden bridge and explored the nearby "city" like I never had before.  It was all in the name of a photo shoot.
     And you know what?  I didn't even have my camera.  I used the smart phone Broofy just found in the garbage a few weeks ago and that was our camera.  No, he doesn't trach pick.  He's a garbage man and the bag ripped open.  The phone is perfect, not a flaw in it.  I wish I had had the camera, but it is what it is and the photo shoot was so fun!
     Every time she saw a pretty place, we went and shot some photos.  She would say "Drive this way, now this way.  Park here, I want a picture on these stairs."  She even directed me to park in such a way that she could take a photo without the group of people across the alley being able to see.  She was so funny.  We took photos at the police station:
     At the post office:
     On fire escapes:

     And against back alley walls:
     She sure knows how to pick 'em.  We also went inside to a friend's house, to two Dunkin Donuts shops, McDonald's, and Walmart for a bit of girly shopping.  Of course she chose the aisles that we went to.  She wanted school sneakers, so we did that:
     And she wanted to play in the Play Place, so we did that.
     I can't wait til me and Baby Bee go out again.

     Do you get one on one time with your kiddos?  What kinds of things do you do?

     Okay, 8am and I'm attempting one more time ot go back to bed.  Wish me luck!


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