18 August, 2015

#Jacosuperior HangPro Car Organizer #Review

     Do you know what's super embarrassing?  When you pull up to a place, like church or soccer practice, and your kids open the van door only to have a whole cascade or water bottles, beach toys, and spare shoes fall out of the doorway and onto the ground.  I've had enough embarrassment of that type to last a lifetime... or two.  My kids are now getting into the habit of opening the door only a foot or so.  It's enough to squeeze through, but not enough for everyone to see the foot-tall hoarderesque mess that is my van floor.
     And sometimes, I clean the van so that there is NOTHING out of place.  It's beautiful and clean, I feel relieved and we actually go places that we sometimes don't normally go because the van is actually clean.  Then BAM!  Two days later, we are back to only opening the door so wide again.  Maybe it's because we live in the van.  Maybe it's because my kids don't know what a trash can is.  Maybe it's because my kids feel like life couldn't go on if they couldn't bring x, y, z, and a, b, c along with them for the twenty minute ride to that place where they couldn't possibly use those things anyway.
     Either way, I'm on a mission to change it.  It started with this new car organizer called the HangPro Car Organizer by Jaco Superior.  It ended with a full $28 floor makeover for my van.  More on that to come, it's still in the works, but check out the preview pic above... coming along nicely, huh?  But it wouldn't have come to be if I hadn't been inspired to finally get the family van under control.  Check out the organizer that helped motivate me:
      It has seven pockets.  Two of them are bottle holders, Two are front mesh pockets for small objects, Two of them is actually a large divided pocket to hold medium objects, and one is a large book sized pocket for large items.  The picture you see above was just us trying it out, so let me give you a list of what we actually keep in the organizer:
     Notebook, coloring book, reading books, alphabet workbook, tablet, color pencils, spray cleaner, sunscreen (two kinds), hair brush, multipurpose wipes, gum, car charger, ear buds, diapers and lip balm.
     It's everything we could possibly need in a short trip.  There is entertainment for multiple kids, supplies for the hot sun, and a few diaper changes.  The possibility of leaving the house without kids bringing their own armful of things excited me.  I started thinking MINIMALIST.  Ooooooh :)
      As you can see in the first photo, I sometimes use book bags to help store things.  More recently I have switched to tote bags with the handles over the head rest.  The problem with that is that it isn't as easy to get into, especially for kids on the go.  One handle has to be lifted off the headrest, then you have to dig around for what you want, then you have to replace the handle back onto the headrest... it's a pain.  But with this HangPro Car Organizer, everything is right there.  No adjusting, no digging, no searching.  Kids that can reach it can grab things at any time.  If it's placed in front of an older child's seat, they can easily grab things for the younger kids... I love it!
      It straps to the back of any headrest with an adjustable strap, so there is no headrest too fat or too small.  And in case you were wondering, the strap isn't even noticeable to me when I am driving.  I don't feel it at all.  However, it can go on the passenger seat if it's an issue.  I did end up moving mine there just so it's easy to reach if I need to.
     Overall, I think this is a really great and accessible organizer that seems very sturdy.  The only thing about it that I was iffy on was that it tended to sag forward a bit when it's filled and I think the center could use a bit more support.  It wasn't really an issue for my van because there is a handle behind my seat that lifts the organizer.  So I put it a bit higher on the headrest and let the handle sit behind the very bottom of the organizer to help support it.  But if you plan to fill it quite full and there is nothing to support it, this might be something that you should be aware of.  I don't think it interferes with it's usefulness at all.
     It's definitely one of my new favorite van accessories.  It's right up there with the cup holders!  What do you think?  What would you put in it?

     To learn more, visit Jaco Superior on Facebook, Twitter, their website, or Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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