29 August, 2015

Jessica the Littlest Trex #Ebook #Review

     I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was in third grade, true story.  I think now that I still wouldn't have minded being one, but I wouldn't give up my family for it, not in a million years.  I love being a mom.  I know that I'm not good at it sometimes and I know that I get really stressed out, I'm bad at housework, and I'm kinda bad at routine... but I have as much love for my children as any mom ever could.  So dreams of paleontology will have to be swept to the side.
     We did find a rock once in our driveway with lots of fossils in it though.  You could very clearly see shells and things in it.  It was a great find and it was the perfect rock for our home school rock study.  The kids loved looking for fossils.
     This story by Richard Hamilton called Jessica The Littlest Trex starts with the same scenario, a family out looking for fossilized footprints.   When the girl finds a dinosaur egg, a prairie dog comes out of hiding to tell her brother about the most famous dinosaur that ever lived, who was from that very area.
     That dinosaur was a little T-Rex named Jessica.  She was smaller than the other T-Rex children, but faster.  She used that skill to help protect other small dinosaurs from becoming lunch by nipping off the tail ends of predators and then running away.  Once though, she was flung by an Allosaurus  into a tree in a nearby canyon.  After escaping the tree, she was nowhere near home.  As she finds her way back home, she makes an unusual band of friends who help her in her quest to free the land of the terror of the meat eaters.
     I won't give away the ending on you, but I will tell you my personal thoughts on the book.  I think the idea of the book is super cute.  I love the talking prairie dog, I love the little fierce T-Rex and her friends, I love the whole idea of it.  However, some spots in the book really confused me and I found it hard to follow who was talking and who was doing what, there was a lot of jumping around in a short period.  Also, two of the characters had really similar names that made it harder to keep track.  I do wish it had been easier to understand what was going on, because the story line is a nice one.
     What did you want to be?  Did you become it?

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