27 August, 2015

#JacoSuperior Elite #TirePressureGauge #Review

     If I had a nickel for every time I was stranded on the side of the road then I'd... well, I'd have enough money to get myself a coffee for the next time I'm stranded.  Maybe it's all part of being the little wifey type.  I really don't know much about cars and vehicles.  I do know that going too long without oil is bad, jacking it up in any old place is also bad and I know how to check the oil and the tire pressure.  But that's just about where my knowledge on vehicles ends.
     Luckily, my husband is a pretty handy mechanic.  Most things, he can fix without too much trouble.  A bent frame... not so much.  I probably could have avoided this whole thing with the right tire pressure.  This all happened because of an ice patch.  Maybe it was unavoidable, I was going fairly slow and I kept the tires straight so as not to skid, but I do think that tire pressure played a part.  Too bad I didn't think to check my tires more often.
     But now I have a pretty handy little Tire Pressure Gauge from JACO that I can keep right in the van.  So if I happen to think of it when I am out, or if I notice that the van is handling a little funny, I can check it and get air if I need to.
     My first impression of the JACO tire pressure gauge is that it's stinking cute.  I say cute, and I mean that in the manliest way possible because I don't necessarily see this as a cutesy girl tool, it really is pretty universal.  I personally think it's cute because it has that awesome protective cover that makes it look like a tire.  Not only does it make it look great, but it protects the gauge from breaking when it's dropped.
     When I tried it out, I noticed right off that the air chuck turns completely around, 360 degrees, unrestricted.  This definitely came in handy.  There is nothing worse then when you are blowing a tire up and you have to wrestle with the stupid hose because the chuck doesn't go the way you need, it's frustrating.  So to be able to check the pressure without that kind of irritation was much appreciated.
     The next thing that I noticed is that my back two tires are WAY slack!  Holy Moly, they're bad!  I had a reading of 15 PSI in the right one and low 20's in the left one.  I'm supposed to have about 32.  The front two are good, but I will definitely be putting air in the back two.  I noticed that my back tires were wearing down like crazy, but I had no idea that my tires were underinflated (I know, the ditzy wife thing).  THESE are the things that I don't know to check for.  Luckily, the gauge made me aware of this issue.
     Some other features worth mentioning are the removable chuck, the air bleeder valve/ pressure reset button, and the lifetime warranty.  The air bleeder valve/ pressure reset button is a feature that allows the pressure reading to "lock in" until you decide to reset it.  The same button, when pressed while the tire pressure gauge is in use, will deflate the tire until you release it.  If your tire is inflated too much, this is a really nice button to have.  I actually needed it on one of my front tires and it worked like a charm.
     My overall thoughts about this gauge is that it's attractive, useful, durable, and accurate.  I love it!  How often do you check your tires?
     To learn more, visit Jaco Superior on Facebook, Twitter, their website, or Amazon.
To learn more, visit Jaco Superior on Facebook, Twitter, their website, or Amazon. - See more at: http://just10moreminutes.blogspot.com/2015/08/jacosuperior-hangpro-car-organizer.html#sthash.Zo6jgoDA.dpuf

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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