24 August, 2015

#applewatchaccessories Professional Tweezer Set and Leather Pouch #Review

     So, I've been walking around with a piece of embedded glass in the ball of my foot for months.  I know!  Right!?  You'd be surprised to learn that I didn't actually notice it much.  But when doing things like jumping rope, hopscotch, or anything involving putting weight on the ball, it hurt.  It made it hard to exercise and run.  I wondered if it would ever go away.
     To my surprise, it did!  After jumping rope the other day, I came in and got ready for bed.  As I sat cross-legged on the bed, my hand brushed up against that spot of my foot and behold, I could feel the glass shard sticking out!  It was a pretty welcome miracle.  So I had my daughter grab me my brand new Love It tweezer set, grabbed out the silver pair, and worked at pulling it out.  It hurt.  It bled.  It wasn't fun, but it came out.  It probably would have been hard to do with just my fingers, though I'm sure I oculd have managed with a little extra pain.  But  now I can hop, skip, and jump to my heart's content with no pain at all.
     Never have I been happier to have tweezers right on hand and NOT lost.  Why were they not lost?  Because they come in a super neat little leather pouch that fits perfectly into the center console of the van.  So we knew where they were and they were right on hand when needed.
     Of course, because they are tweezers, they can be used for nearly anything.  I'm a little Plane Jane and use them mostly for cosmetic/medical purposes like tweezing eye brows.  The black pair works perfect for that, by the way.  I could barely feel it.  It was quick and easy.
     But it's come to my attention that people will use tweezers for lots of other things as well.  Things such as bead work, or working with plastic models, soldering work, etc.  This kit comes with three different tip styles and three different opening widths to suit pretty much any purpose.  My favorite pair is the black pair, my sister prefers the pink and The Big One prefers the silver.
     The cover to the leather pouch tucks neatly into a strap that keeps it closed.  It's small, as you can see, and would very easily fit into an inside pocket of a purse, baby bag, or luggage bag.  My photo doesn't really depict how thin it is, but I assure you, it's very thin and won't likely be a nuisance to someone if they were to put it into their back pocket.  As you can see above, it holds all three tweezers into their own pocket, but the pouch could hold an extra pair or two in it as well.  All in all, it's a pretty handy little holder.
     To wrap it up, I really enjoy having ready-to-grab tweezers that work well and look cute and won't get lost easily.  They have come in handy several times already and we only just got them last week.
     What kinds of things do you lose easy?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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