30 August, 2015

Tri Blade #WonderVegSpiralizer Vegetable Spiralizer #Review

     I always have visions of a healthier, slimmer me.  Do you ever get that?  That feeling that you aren't at home in your body and you were meant to look different.  Truth is, I'm no stranger to being heavy.  Although I wasn't really overweight until late elementary school, it was only for a short time in high school that I ever was actually thin.  But I feel like I'm supposed to be thin.  Despite being lazy and loving warm and saucy foods, I'm supposed to be smaller than I am.  Does that sound silly?
     Maybe it is.  But sometimes I come across something that makes me think it's really possible.  Something like vegetable noodles.  My favorite food is pasta, so what if I just make vegetable noodles whenever I want pasta?  That could work, couldn't it?  Up the vitamins, lower the carbs and calories... it's worth a try.  So I tested out the WonderVeg Slicer Vegetable Spiralizer.  I looked up all kinds of things that I could do with it and got super amped to use it.
      Some of the first things that I noticed about it when I took it out of the box was that the extra blades tuck neatly away into the side of the spiralizer.  I thought that was a nice feature.  I also noticed that it has suction cups on the bottom to hold it in place, a lot like the old fashioned meat grinders.  But I also noticed that the device itself was very lightweight and seemed to be made of plastic that might break easily.  I was happy that it came with a cool recipe book to help me get started though.
     I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to shred my cucumbers into spiral noodles effortlessly.  I felt like the handle was a bit loosely made and it made me nervous, but the cucumber was really very easy to slice and it came out beautiful, despite the wobble.  The next thing I tried was apple for The Big One.  Again, it sliced it into a ribbon of thin spirals with no problem at all.
     I am very happy with the sharpness of the blade.  Some spirals did tend to get stuck in the blade and I had to retrieve them, but it was a minor annoyance.  I had myself a cucumber salad and The Big One had apple slices with only about two minutes effort.  So I was happy.
     Unfortunately, the next time that I tested it out, it didn't fare so well.  The cutting again, was great.  There was minimal digging out required, but the spirals and the slices were wonderful.  We were doing crab apples, big fat ones.  Maybe it's because the crab apples are more on the hard end of fruits and vegetables, but most of the way through the first apple, the handle broke.  It was cutting very easily, but it just snapped apart.  I was pretty sad, but I wasn't entirely surprised.  I really hate to say that about a product that I was given, but as soon as I opened it, I had reservations about it breaking.
     So that was a bummer.  I plan to take some E6000 to it and fix it and continue to use it because it does make amazing noodles and "chips".  I'm not sure that I would recommend this product simply because it seems fragile for a kitchen tool, but I do love the blades.  I think if it were made with harder plastic, it would be an incredible essential in the kitchen.
     What do you think?  What would you make with a spiralizer?
     To learn more, check out WonderVeg on Facebook and on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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