09 August, 2015

Cutieland Reusable Food Pouches #Review #Cutielunch

     We are in the van so much that I don't really feel at home if we haven't gone somewhere in the last day or so... I get antsy and anxious.  I don't care much for just sitting at home.  We drive everywhere, from the beach to the local sandwich shop, from the untried playground to the newest family day event, just everywhere really.  Usually we grab the free lunch at the beach, but for dinner, it's always up in the air.  Sometimes we grab hotdogs and fountain drinks, sometimes we grab Dollar Menu items, and sometimes it's something we bring.
     Recently we were able to try a little something different.  It's called the Cutieland Reusable Food Pouch.  Now, maybe I'm just a little slow, but this is what I thought of food pouches before actually trying them:
  1. That must be seriously frustrating to try to funnel food into that stupid straw thing at the top.
  2. I don't even want to think about having to use a bottle brush to get in there and clean.  That CAN'T be sanitary.
  3. How many liquidy foods does one person need to carry around? 

     When I got it, I quickly realized that the bottom opens up like a zip lock to allow for easy filling and cleaning.  How did I not pick up on this?  I feel oblivious because really, it's quite obvious.  I guess I just figured that the ones at the store don't open that way, so it didn't occur to me as an option.
     After I figured that out, my only real issue was what could I use it for.  Of course the first thought was applesauce.  And yes, that's what we used it for first.  It was a touch messy because I overestimated how much the pouch would hold.  It holds 4 oz, which is half a cup... I suppose I could have just measured with a measuring cup first.

      So the applesauce didn't last long because the kiddlets were really excited about using the pouches.  But as I sat there on he beach watching them enjoy their applesauce and eating my salad, the thought occurred to me... I really wanted more ranch dressing.  But the container I brought of it wasn't super big and it also didn;t seal shut very well.  Then I realized, the food pouch would be perfect for bringing ranch.  Or ketchup.  Or any kind of condiment or sauce.  Why not?  It's small, portable, it seals super well, and you can write on it so you won't mix up the mayo and the sour cream.  It's perfect!
     So this food pouch ended up being a big hit with the kids and more useful than I anticipated.  I'm getting more in the future, for sure.
     What do you think?  Have you ever tried food pouches?  What do you put in them?

     To learn more, visit Cutieland on Facebook, Amazon, and their website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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