28 August, 2015

Anti Snoring Device #Review #SnoreDeter

     We've had a lot of arguments here lately about sleeping arrangements.  It's not a typical time for us because we have extra people in our home and so there are people roomed in together that normally have more private areas.  Turns out that some kids have night time habits that don't mesh well with others.  For instance, Punky likes the room dark, others don't.  Streaker is a night owl, others aren't.  And The Big One "snores" and it's not a loved trait with the Punk.
     It's caused a lot of irritation and hurt feelings between the two.  So I thought I would try to find a solution and happened to run into Snore Deter, an "instant snore reliever".   Looking at the device, it's pretty obvious how it's supposed to be used.  You insert the silicone tubes into the nostrils so your nostrils stay open all night.  It comes in different sizes and ribbed or non, four different sets per container so you can choose after you get them.
     I chose to try the larger ones while giving the smaller two to the oldest two girls.  Punk found that they fit into her nostrils okay, but The Big One could not get them to fit well.  Or at all, really.  So the plan to get The Big One to stop snoring was a bust.  The plan was for the Punk and I to try them and see how they work. 
     My first impression was that I could breathe!  I know that I have narrow nostrils.  It doesn't cause me to have a troublesome snoring problem, but I know that I do make some noise due to my nostrils being so small up by the bridge of my nose.  So I noticed right off how easy it was to breathe.  I felt like the silicone tubes themselves were slightly uncomfortable because they did scrape that area that is slim in there.  But the feeling of being able to breathe so easy made the awkward feeling worth it.
     I really wish that it had fit The Big One because I feel like I can't truly review this product for what it's meant for.  But I will tell you this:  I slept soooo good that night.  I had a really long and intricate dream and didn't do my whole half-awake and half-asleep thing all night.  I slept really well and soundly.  It was sorely needed.  I usually run on shoddy and intermittent sleep.
     When I took them out though, and also when I put them in the next night, my nose bled.  It's not that big of a deal, I dealt with it all through pregnancy, but it could understandably bother some.  It also made Punk's nose bleed considerably and she has never had a nose bleed before, so I would say that these are not for children.  These are an adult product.
     I enjoyed not looking too silly, it wasn't something that was really very obvious from a distance.  While I don't think this product will stop everyone from snoring, especially those who snore because their jaw and tongue fall back, I do see it improving sleep and also helping a snorer if they snore due to the nose being difficult to breathe through.  So all-in-all, I do like the Snore Deter and I will be using it despite the small bleeding issue because I do get better sleep and that alone is worth it to me.
     Do you get good sleep?
     To learn more, visit Snore Deter on Amazon.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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