04 August, 2015

#Dinkleboo Personalized Kids Books Review

     Have I ever shown you my library? Well, if I haven't, I'm not going to now because it's horribly unorganized. But it's safe to say that I have a LOT of books.  I never say no to a book.  And I'm glad that I don't, I think having so many books around all the time is part of why my kids love reading so much.  It's really very important.  Reading not only helps educate, but it helps my kids to use correct grammar which will make them SOUND more educated and help them get the careers they really want later in life.
     Another awesome way to get them excited about learning, besides exposing them to an array of different genres is to customize their reading experience to them as a person.  And one really easy way to do that is to simply add their name into the story itself.  So far, 4 of my kids have their names in books and they are characters in the stories.  One of them is a story we just added this past week.  It's from Dinkleboo and it's called Boog the Friendly Fire-Breathing Dragon.
     It's a very sweet story about a lovable dragon who breathes fire and helps the humans around him.
     He helps out in the bakery to keep the baker's fire going and writes "Happy Birthday" in the sky with fire for the special boy or girl.  Everyone always looks forward to their birthday message.
     But when Boog has his birthday, no one seems to remember.  Boog gets sad and has a hard time getting his fire to work for him.  He spends the day feeling hurt and forgotten.  But what Boog doesn't realize is that the townspeople did not forget him, but had come together to give Boog their very own birthday message.
     Besides being a wonderful story of friendship and gratitude, it is also a book that Boogie will be able to connect to because the main character shares his name.  When I showed Boogie his book and told him what it was called, he got excited, even at only two years old, he understood that it was a story about "him".  His sisters were pretty jealous and were begging me to get them one as well.  Streaker has her eye on the book called The Princess and the Pony.  It's a story about a princess who tries to find a cure for her pony's sadness.
     Dinkleboo also has other items that can be personalized.  There are things like children's growth charts, blankets, shirts, labels, and more.  And right now there is a 60% off label sale.  The sale ends August 10th at midnight, just use the code LBAUG15 at checkout.  These labels are perfect for camping, school, or daycare.  Personally, I would use them on beach toys.
      Do you personalize things for your kids?  What would you use labels for?

     To learn more, check out Dinkleboo's Facebook and website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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