06 August, 2015

Aerobie Superdisc Flying Disc #Review

     This has been the best summer ever.  We go to the beach almost every single day and the kids have been getting lunch at the beach when we go.  We've taken advantage of all the free movies and the library reading programs.  We've also taken advantage of the new $0.69 fountain drink station in town and the free summer camp up the road... we've had sooo much fun!

     We've also gotten more beach toys than usual this year.  We've stuffed our van so much with floaties that they come spilling out when we open the doors.  We also got one floatie that's not a typical floatie.  It's a flying disc that floats on the water, so it's a perfect beach toy.  It's called the Aerobie Superdisc.  It's designed to be so easy to throw that pretty much anyone can do it.  It's also designed to be easy to catch.
     We tested that theory, both at the beach and at home.  At the beach, it actually had to be put away shortly after being taken out because everyone wanted it and not many of the kids wanted to share.  So I guess it was a big hit.  It was a pretty windy day at the beach, as you can see by the waves, but there wasn't too much trouble getting it where they wanted it to go.
     We then took it home and tried it out with just our kids.  It was pretty awesome to watch, actually.  Baby Bee, who just turned five, was able to throw it right where she wanted it to go and it stayed level and was caught easily.  It was a nice thing to see that even she could be a part of the game when usually she's just too small to join in.
     The Superdisc's spoiler shaped top helps the disc to fly flat and even instead of rolling to one side of the other.  Have you ever tossed a "frisbee" just to have the edge of the disc catch on your fingers and fumble or fly too much in one direction?  This one doesn't do that because the rubber edge doesn't have a lip on it.  The rubber is designed to be soft for both people and also for dogs.  It is ideal for keeping the disc's edges soft even after repeated landings on tar or other hard or rocky surfaces that would normally make discs rough and scratched.
     What's cool is that you can get your business or event's name "imprinted" onto the disc.  So if you are taking pledges for an upcoming event, you could give your donors a disc with the event name on it as a thank you for their pledge.  Being that it's a sports item, I can especially see this being used for a Special Olympics fundraiser.
     Overall, I really like this disc, much better than other discs we have tried in the past.  I love that I can throw it and not feel incompetent.  I love that I'm not afraid to catch it because it is soft.  Most of all, I love that my baby girl can be a part of the game.

     What's your favorite summer game?

     To learn more, visit Aerobie's Facebook and website.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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