07 December, 2012

Well, my Goodness

     I'm not getting as many reviews and giveaways up as I had hoped this week.  Last night, the Bee woke up screaming in pain from an earache.  Same ear as me.  She also woke with a crazy case of pink eye.  It's ridiculous, we are like twins.  Sinus infection, pink eye and middle ear infections of the right side, both of us.  So that made trip numero tres in less than 48 hours to the ER.
     And to top off our week of record-breaking hospital/doctor visits, two more kids go in tomorrow to be seen.  The Big One has a tendon issue with her wrist from hitting something a few days ago with the same hand she broke.  The Punk still has nausea after several weeks.  Since she is eating an uncomfortable amount of Tums daily, I assume acid reflux was not the case as the doctor and I both hoped it might be.  Time to check for Diabetes.  If that is negative, perhaps it is anxiety, she has been teased at school lately and she has been down about things the last several weeks.  While it would upset me to learn that her anxiety is bad enough to cause physical ailment, I would be relieved to learn it isn't diabetes.
     Since I didn't get any reviews or giveaways up for you today, I thought I would share with you this deal from Power Capes:
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     Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track with that video review I promised this week.  Stay tuned and we will see how the day plays out!

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