06 December, 2012

Baby Bead Treasures Review and Giveaway!

     You may remember how I have mentioned once or twice about how I LOVE personalized things?  No?  Then let me repeat.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE when things are uniquely made for one person.  It is personal, it is sentimental and it isn't something you can find just anywhere.  In fact, I believe I still have an itty bitty teddy bear note pad that my sister got me when I was in the fourth grade.  I've kept it all this time because it has my name on it and no one could ever say it wasn't for me.  And my grandmother gave me a couple different ornaments with my name on them, both of which I kept.  In fact, I think I still have an ornament from my ex-father-in-law because it had my name on it.  I don't really plan to ever get rid of any of them.
     So around Christmas time, I do a lot of searching for ways to personalize things, products that offer personalization and also things I can add photos to.  And in my search, I ran across Baby Bead Treasures.  Anything personalized will spark my interest usually, but it is the beauty of BBT's bracelets that had my attention.  The sparkle and the subtle colors, the fact that you get not only the name, but also birthstones and charms... I was very interested.
     So I looked around and figured I would search for a little something for the Baby Bee.  She was born in May, so I was looking for Emerald bracelets.  I found 7 with a simple keyword search and I looked through them.  Two really caught my eye, but I decided the best option was the Emerald Precious Gemstone May Birthstone Pearl Name Bracelet or as I like to call it, the Minka Bracelet ;)
     It is a gorgeous bracelet and I love that the little extender chain piece can double as an extra little decoration.  I think I will choose to add it most every time even when she doesn't need it because it is cute.  We ended up getting the cross charm because I wanted something to show our faith.  It was also decided that I should go with a custom length of 5.25" because Baby Bee is not your average 2 1/2 year old.  I had trouble with measuring, but I was given all the customer support I needed to get the length we thought would work and it fits her PERFECTLY.  It's very fortunate that Baby Bead Treasures offers custom lengths.  The Bee's bracelet is loose enough to move, but not loose enough to fall off or stop fitting in a few months.  And when it does stop fitting, extender chain to the rescue!  That really was a very smart thing to add separately.
     NOTE:  That cross only looks green because of it's reflective qualities and the green emerald beading, it is really silver.
     The bracelet came packaged prettier than anything else I have ever gotten in the mail.  Check out the box:
     You can't really tell from the picture above, but the hexagon box is made from shimmery paper that sparkles in the light.  It has a flower on top made from all six of the flap ends, like so:
     The note card was a super adorable touch as were the ribbons, I just loved the whole package.  And if the outside weren't enough, the inside was just as awesome!  I received note cards explaining how to best take care of the bracelet and exactly what is in my bracelet:
     And the bracelet itself comes in a cute little bag that you can use to keep the bracelet safe when it's not being worn (pictured above).  Overall, the presentation was insanely adorable and would need NO extra wrapping whatsoever should you choose to get one as a gift.  And there sure is lots to choose from gift-wise on the site!  There are baptism bracelets, Mother-daughter bracelet sets, pearl name bracelets, cats eye bracelets, and gold filled bracelets.  There is hand stamped jewelry and more, even earrings.  Personally, one of these has always been on my wish list:
     A mother's bracelet with a spot for each of her kids :)  She makes them in several styles.  This one has up to 5 names, while other options have fewer,  with or without birthstones, one even has a watch.  The bracelet above is $63, which is the most inexpensive option I have ever seen for a mother's jewelry piece with that many names.  It makes it possible to actually own one!
     There is just so much that I am impressed with.  There isn't even a smidge of disappointment with the product, the store, nothing.  I whole-heartedly recommend Baby Bead Treasures for any mother or daughter in your life.  PLEASE check it out!
     And as if I needed an extra reason to love BBT, they are going to offer one of my readers a $50 gift certificate!  That's enough to cover the price of an average bracelet plus shipping my friends, so don't miss out!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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Caitlin Myers said...

I would pick Mothers Sterling Silver Twists Double Name Bracelet with Charms. It would be beautiful with my baby girl's names on it. <3

Elle S. said...

I think the mother of pearl bracelet is lovely!

Sarah Hayes said...


I really like that braclet

Sarah Hayes said...

I entered the Plow and Hearth $50 GC giveaway

polly said...

like their heart love stamped necklace

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