02 December, 2012

That Way Hat Review

     Brrrr, it is COLD here in the Northeast.  I dunno how it is in the rest of the country, but man!  We got quite the cold snap the last few days.  It's so cold that I had to pull the van up onto the lawn just so we wouldn't have to walk so far to the front door!  It usually does get pretty cold here in the winter months, so I expect it to get even colder soon.
     I could really use some nice hats to cover my head when I am outside.  But most of what I find in the stores are just baseball caps and stocking caps (is that what they are called?)  We have plenty of those.  The baseball caps are not warm and the stocking caps make me feel like a hoodlum, though usually I am reduced to having to wear them because I have no other real option.
     Thatwayhat.com wants to give us options.  They have hats that I have never come across in the stores.  They have unique hats.  Unique WINTER hats.  They also have hats not for winter, but right now, I am kinda thinking winter is the way to go.  That Way Hats has stylish hats that are both fun and functional.  Take that wool news boy hat up there for example.  It is DEFINITELY my style and it looks darn warm, don't you think?
     However, this time of year, I almost never get things for myself ;)  So when I saw that That Way Hat had an amazing array of vintage style hats, I immediately thought of my sister.  She can pull off the flapper look for sure.  So I looked through some of the style and just to be safe, I brought her in on it.  She ended up choosing my favorite of the lot so I really didn't need her input after all.  She chose the Taupe Wool Hat with Felt Bow.  Being made of wool, it is bound to keep her head warm. But it isn't scratchy at all, in fact it was very soft to the touch.  And light!  I was very surprised at how airy feeling the hat was, I figured it would be much heavier and thick.  I think it's awesome that a winter hat can be something you almost forget is on your head.
     The color is just as the site shows, a light tannish grey color, almost like khaki.    It's 22 inches and comes in four other colors including purple and pink.  Personally, my favorite color was the black.  One of my other favorite hats from the site is this horseshoe hat also from their winter collection.
     You know what I love most about That Way Hat though?  I love that they aren't just some big hat making company selling all their own stuff reaping all the profit.  Actually, they encourage individuals to sell their own designs through their site, even offering a Hat Maker's Directory with links to the designer's own sites!  I think that's awesome.  It's nice to see business helping business.
     Of course, they also do have hats made especially for them and for their wholesale only sister site.  Many of the hats on the site are for things like Kentucky Derby or weddings, etc.  Many are very fashion forward and then some are very understated and just plain beautiful.  I definitely recommend checking out That Way Hat to see what they offer.  You might find just the hat you were looking for :)

What is your personal favorite style hat?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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