12 December, 2012

Slap-on Gear Review

     My grandmother got me a watch for Christmas once.  It was a beautiful watch and I never really appreciated it's beauty until it was lost and I couldn't wear it.  Most of the time I chose not to wear it because I felt like it was too "old".  It was more delicate than watches my friends had and I just decided that it was best to leave it off.  When you are young, you don't care so much about how how fragile or intricate a thing is, you just care about how it looks with your outfit.
     Well I hope my kids will find these watches a touch more versatile than I found mine.  These watches are from Slap-On Gear and are much like the slap bracelets we had as kids, except these are not made of welt-raising plastic, but of silicone instead.  The bands slap on just like those bracelets did, but they don't hurt.
     The watch faces themselves pop right out to be swapped with bands of different colors, so it makes for a nice accessory.  They sell in sets of 2, 3, 5, 10 or 13 as well as wholesale packages.  And of course you can just buy one as well.  We got the luxury of trying out the four above, which are Magical Magenta, Princess Pink, Royal Blue, and Sky Blue.  There are 13 colors in all.  The two sets mix and match wonderfully, see?
     They came in two sizes, child and adult.  The child size is also great for women who prefer a slimmer look like myself, they are 8 7/8 inches long.  The adult size is 11 inches long and sports a rounder end to the band.
      The watches are water resistant and durable, so they are great for kids and for parents.  As a result, the battery compartment might be a touch hard to get into, but we won't complain, right?  Of course not ;)
     Slap-On Gear also offers 4 GB USB bracelets.  These would be prefect for the computer nerd of the family or for the one who is always crashing their computer with a bazillion photos and other tid-bits (you know who you are).  I would recommend Slap-On Gear for any child or any adult with a confident fashion sense.  They are fun, they are colorful and they are useful, what's more to ask for?
     Do you wear a watch?

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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Judy B. said...

These are a fun gift idea especially for kids. I like that they come in so many colors. Thanks!

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