03 December, 2012

Snomee Review

     One of the gifts that are sure to be on most people's get lists are gift cards.  Why?  Because most everyone has one or two people on their list who they have NO clue what to get them.  It could be that somewhat estranged relative you only see once or twice a year or that uncle who never opens up and just kinda hangs out in the corner all night or that really eccentric cousin who you aren't sure of their tastes.  I know I have at least one gift card to hand out this year.  Mine is actually going to someone who I have LOTS of ideas for, one of them just happens to be free coffees :)
     So I needed somewhere to put that^^^ that was cooler than the envelope it came in.  When I came across Snomees while surfing the blogosphere, I thought how cute it would be to use one of those to put the gift card in.  I mean, who doesn't love a cute little snow globe?  And I don't mean just cutesy as in not boring and fancy, I mean CUTE.  It would have been terribly hard to choose between them all had it been a gift for that estranged relative being that they are all so awesome.  But being a coffee lover, it was much easier.  Behold, the cutest cup of coffee ever:
     Look at that bear and his sugar cubes!  Even coffee haters have to love him.  And Santa is helping him add sugar to the coffee from the little sugar cube bowl :)  Here is another view:
     I just think it's the cutest little Christmas scene ever.
     Now, there were several things that impressed me with this product.  First of all, I was really happy to see that it was very carefully packaged so as not to be damaged during transit.  It had a bubble sleeve all the way around it to keep it nice and safe and protected:
     The sleeve popped right open on one end so that there was no fuss involved in retrieving it.  Then I was very surprised with it's size.  I was expecting a smaller and more "cheap" type globe.  The quality and size were very nice to see:
      I also liked the variety they have on the site.  They have gift card holders for almost every interest.  Here are some for reading, gaming/multimedia, and handymen.  They had a bunch more too, ones for eating out or enjoying music, sports, fashion, and mail buddies for those long distance recipients.  And just in case you don't know what they like, they have a generic one too.  You can buy them right from their website or from Amazon as well.
     The only thing I was even the slightest bit let down on was that the gift card didn't really snap in, so unless your recipient is very careful, it may fall out during opening.  I really don't think that would be a problem unless they were opening the globe while sticking their hands out of a moving vehicle or in the middle of some other equally foolish activity or possibly in a wheelchair, but just a thought in case your recipient is very easily annoyed.  That one tiny con certainly doesn't outweigh the insane cuteness of these globes though, that's for sure!
     The globe also has a spot for you to write a note to the recipient, maybe telling how much the card is valued or how you hope they enjoy it, etc.  I thought that was a nice touch:
     Not sure you want to get a gift card?  Check out Snomee's list of reasons why you might decide to.  In the mean time, it's no harm in checking out the cuteness that is Snomee (who can be found on Twitter and Facebook by the way).  Right now you can snag 5 of these for $25!  The offer is very limited and is a promotion from Cyber Monday, so you have to hurry to get in on it.  All you do is choose your favorite 5 Snomees snow globes and type CYBERMON at checkout in the promo code section.  Best of all, free shipping with this deal!
     Thank you Snomee for the awesome gift card holder to complete the present!  Now let's just hope she doesn't see this and get a head's up on it all :p

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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