04 December, 2012

Holy Carp, What a month!

     These past few weeks have been insane.  Three of us have been to the emergency room just today.  I've been to the doctors twice this week as well.  One visit went fairly normal, one barely went at all due to the pregnancy and how far along I am.  This month I have had at least SIX infections, all of which I can contribute directly or indirectly to the kids.  We've had shots, we've had field trips and we have had missing animals... we are ready for a month of slow-paced reviewing and good old fashioned fun.  So tomorrow I will be posting no less than four reviews, hopefully a giveaway, and even a deal or two if I get around to it :)  Also this week look for my very first video review!  You are going to love the item I am reviewing... promise.
     Also, stay tuned later tonight for a giveaway.  It will only last a little under a week so that we can make sure you can get it by Christmas, so make sure you come back to check it out!
     In the mean time, enjoy this deal:


Enter to Win a Year of Kiwi Crate!


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