18 December, 2012

Sproutkin continued (pt 2)

     In the last post, we discussed the first two books that the girls opened in our '12 Days of Christmas' Holiday Countdown and how we used the Sproutkin card to get more from the book than what we normally would.  It opened doors to important discussions and lessons.  We were really starting to learn about each other.
     So the third night, after reading Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, a book about an island that rained, snowed and blew in all three daily meals (I'm sure you've heard of it), we once again consulted the Sproutkin Card.  This one had both questions and an activity.  Sadly for us, we couldn't do the activity due to the weather the past few days, but we did have us a good discussion.
     The card asked first, "What would you want the sky to drop for Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert?"  For this, I got some strange answers, like The Big One wanting pepperoni for Breakfast and Streaker wanting soup for Dessert.  Baby Bee seemed pretty fond of the idea of bananas for the last half of the day.  When asked if they would want to eat the same thing as everyone else all the time, only Streaker showed any objection to the idea.  And when asked "What if you could never choose what kind of snack you would eat?" The Big One had the answer.  She said "You'd just wait until it falls.  You'd have to see what kind of food falls, it might be a food you never tried."  This statement is ironic because The Big One is the pickiest eater of them all and is always being proven wrong about foods that she utterly refuses to try until she has no fight left in her.  All 3 of the younger girls agreed with her statement however, as did I.
     The next book is my favorite so far.  It's called How to be a Supervillain.  It is a super fun book.  It had me almost wanting to dig out Streaker's super hero garb early.  Almost.  We'll wait.  But it was super fun and it brought on another great discussion.  It started with the Sproutkin Card asking what power we would choose if we were superheroes and what our costumes would look like and how we would use our powers to help people.  Since Streaker copied The Big One's answers, I'll just tell you what The Big One said.  She said, "My name would be Lightning Thunder.  My power would be to fly.  No wait!  Lightning... to control the weather.  My costume would be a black skirt with a long-sleeved black shirt with lightning and clouds on top with 'Lightning Thunder' on the skirt."  And when asked how she would help people with the powers she had, she replied "I would use lighting to shock people who are killing" and she also described her world as "All black with lightning shooting down".  She's so creative.
     The last book we've read so far is called Where the Wild Things Are, another I'm sure that you are probably familiar with.  It was actually my first time reading it.  Honestly, after seeing the movie and knowing how popular the book is, I was a little let down at it's lack of thrill.  BUT, we had tons of fun doing silly monster crafts afterwards.  The monster crafts were probably intended for the last book we will be reading, but we thought it fit nicely with this book as well.  First we folded some paper accordion style and used it for the body of a monster and finished it off with things such as arms, legs, eyes, etc.  Then we folded another piece of paper accordion style and took turns drawing different body parts in different sections of the accordion to create one monster.  Both were fun, though only one of those ideas were on the card.  The other was adapted from the idea on the card.
     Come back each night until Christmas Eve to see what new book we've opened!

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L said...

Oh my gosh, those accordion drawings were a favorite in my family! My Dad, quite the artist, taught it to me and my siblings and we filled hours with drawing. It was fun watching him show his first grandkid to do the same!

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