02 December, 2012

Power Capes Review and Giveaway!

     My girls love to get into the fresh clean blankets.  Every SINGLE time I get some caught up and folded, they are unfolded and all over the place within the hour.  Frustrating?  Why yes, it is.  It's practically infuriating actually.  Why would kids do that, you ask?  Well my kids do like to cover up and NOT share, that's for sure.  But half the time they are just tying those baby blankets and throws around their shoulders and saving the world.  They love to be super heroes.
     They use towels too, but mostly small blankets.  Being little girls, they have tons of leotards and princess dresses and the like, but I didn't even really think to get them capes and masks or anything hero related.  I don't know why it never occurred to me.
     Luckily there is Power Capes, an online store dedicated to turning your child into a super hero, or I guess villain if you are into that sort of thing.  Personally, my kids like saving ;)
     Power Capes has everything you need, capes, masks, cuffs, and t-shirts.  They have the whole package.  The cool part is that it is completely customizable.  you choose the size, the fabric, the emblem, and the letter (if you even want those things).  The customization process was really easy, very consumer friendly.
     I chose to get a custom superhero cape for my most dedicated hero, Streaker.  The customization widget first asked me what size I wanted, I chose Sidekick.  Then I chose the color fuchsia.  Next it wanted to know what emblem and emblem color I would like.  I figured generic was best, so I went with a shield emblem, then chose bubblegum to match the fuchsia.  Lastly it asked me for an initial and color choice, so I chose "P" in a sparkle fuchsia.  After clicking the order button and waiting a minimal time, it arrived.
     This is what it looked like right out of the envelope:
     I wasn't expecting the multicolor threading, that was a nice surprise.  Though, I did see this message some time later: "*Stitching color may vary".  I loved that it came very neatly packaged in a tight little rectangle.  It wasn't let loose to crinkle all up, it was very neatly placed.  It came with a coupon towards another purchase, which was also appreciated.
     I was also pleasantly surprised by the material.  It is very shiny and beautiful, silky and I bet it looks awesome flowing behind a superhero as the run off to save someone.  Their superhero capes come in a bunch of colors and varieties.  There are even over 3,000 pre-made capes just waiting for someone to snatch them out and they could be sent out today with no wait!  Look at all the "P" Initial Capes waiting for some other streaker.
      Then of course, there are the cuffs,just pick a size and color, super easy!  And the masks, same thing, size and color and you are done.  It makes it easy to get matching cuffs and masks for your cape.  The t-shirt is another of the completely customizable products, you can match it exactly to the kids capes.   In all they have 11 cape colors, 29 emblem colors and 8 emblem designs, so you can have fun experimenting until you get just the colors and design you are looking for.
     Power capes would make an excellent gift for any hero on your list.  You won't be disappointed if you decide to try them out.  But maybe you want to try them out for free?  Why not try to win our giveaway?  Power Capes is offering up one Sidekick sized cape to one of my readers, maybe even in time for Christmas!  I will make this end a smidge early just to be safe ;)  you know the drill, contest ends in a week and a half, good luck and be sure to tell them Just10More sent you!

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Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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Crystal Langley said...

My boys like wrestling more and wrestlers wear capes too :) They like Super Why :P

Silkaspider said...

My son really likes the Power Rangers...

Debby said...


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