21 December, 2012

Sproutkin and our Holiday Countdown: Day 6

     Well apparently trying to stick to a schedule in my home is just not a very practical plan.  From kids going to the Emergency room, to the start of a new sports season, to the flu wiping us all out... my family is just not cut out for routines.  We did manage to read the books for the 12 Days countdown, just not when we had planned.
     For Wednesday's part of our holiday countdown, we opened the book Silly Street: Selected Poems by Jeff Foxworthy.  It is a book about all the things you can do if the silly bug strikes.  My girls loved it. As our activity, which was a combination of two of the activities found via the Sproutkin Card was to cut pictures from a magazine and to create a silly story about how the cut out people knew each other and what they were doing.
     The Big One had the most fun with this activity, I think mostly because the other kids and myself are still so very drained from the flu.  Our creative juices just weren't at their peak.  But Baby Bee sure did have fun cutting up everyone's work as they were attempting to create their stories.
     We enjoyed the book a lot.  The girls liked that the book was made of lots of silly poems as opposed to a regular story book format.  They had fun with all the characters and fun things they did.

     What kinds of things do your kids do when they are feeling silly?

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