21 December, 2012

Sproutkin and our Holiday Countdown: Day 8

     Tonight, we unwrapped the book Father Bear Comes Home.  It's about Little Bear and his friends and the imaginary adventures they have when Little Bear's father is away and when he comes back home.  The friends imagine whales and mermaids and even try to cure hiccups.
     For our activity from the Sproutkin Sproutcard, we had The Big One draw her perfect world.  She drew who would be in it and what the weather would be like.  She decided that Little Bear's imaginary world was pretty great and so she drew herself on a boat, spending some alone time with a whale chasing close behind her and a shark hanging out in the water nearby.  The weather is slightly cloudy, but still nice and warm.
     The Big One was having one of those days today where she just needed some time alone and her sisters were too much for her.  It was a nice escape for her to be able to create a place of solitude for herself even if she couldn't physically be there.
     Does your child enjoy their alone time?

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