02 December, 2012

Glass With a Twist Review

     I kinda seem to be on a personalized kick.  I warned you though, I get that way at Christmas tome, so you all had warning.  I hope you all like personalized things as well as me.  There is just something about personalized that seems so much more sincere and heartfelt.  The cool thing about personalization is that you don't need to know the person inside and out to be able to personalize something with just a name.  Yet when the person gets a gift with their name on it, it just holds more sentimentality.
     I have scoured the web for personalized gift ideas and have seen lots of great notions and some really not so great.  When I came across Glass With a Twist, I was actually looking for a place that I could get some personalized beer mugs for that beer enthusiast brother of mine I mentioned in an earlier post.  But having already covered him, I changed my mind.  I thought I would cover someone else on my list.  I figured I would chop my husband's grandmother off the list since she collects cups.
     Glass With A Twist was generous enough to help me out with that goal.  They offered to let me customize a set of pint glasses and check them out for myself.  I was so excited!  I was hoping to get the chance to test out their upload feature where you can upload personal designs to be etched onto the glass so I set to work creating designs to put on the glasses just in case.  This is what I came up with:
     That poor hummingbird has been transformed from it's original state so that it's nowhere near as colorful, but it was necessary for the process.  All photos/art have to be black and white with no shaded areas.  But you know what?  As ugly as it is compared to the original piece of art it was, it sure made for a gorgeous glass!  Glass With A Twist was more than happy to let me use my personal designs as part of the review process and look what came of it:
     That is gorgeous etching right there.  I was slightly worried because they were designs I had created through images that I photoshopped.  I was scared that maybe the etching would be jagged or not sharp.  But look at that beautiful glassware!  I sure hope the recipients appreciate the detailing as much as I do.
     Glass With A Twist offers many kinds of glasses.  It offers pretty much any kind of typical alcoholic drink vessel you would need, from martini to shot glass, and from beer mug to hurricane glasses.  You can even order custom coffee mugs.  You can order one glass for a one of a kind gift or you can order bulk glassware for weddings or businesses.
     I love most that there is no minimum order.  If I want one glass, I get one glass, not a dozen (or in most 'minimum order required sites', 100).  The site offers replacements for any errors made on their part, though you wouldn't be expected to find one, and they offer gift wrapping as well.  Glass With A Twist is for sure a nice place to check out for any drink lover or glass collector on your list this year.  I recommend them whole-heartedly.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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