05 December, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Wellness Collection Review

     I never was much of a coffee drinker until recently.  I mean, I have always loved coffee, but never really made it a point to drink it, I never did form a cup a day habit or anything.  But lately I have been exhausted.  I can't concentrate and I have been run down with one medical issue after another.  I'm just drained.  So I got a Keurig from Fingerhut because I wasn't drinking enough to justify making a whole pot of coffee each day.  Then I started my search for flavors I liked.  Immediately Donut Shop went right to the top of my list.  It's sweet and flavorful, I didn't really expect to find another that I cared for quite as much.
     But then I was given the opportunity to try Green Mountain Coffee's wellness collection.  I was sent the focus and antioxidant blends, which are perfect for me.  I need a little bit of both!  I tried them right off because I was pretty anxious.  I had heard that even though they are wellness blends, they didn't taste like a health thing or bitter in any way.  I'm not super picky, but I know what I like in a coffee and I was both excited and nervous, after all... I had three boxes, what if I didn't like it?
     No need to worry about that, it really does taste great!  It's actually pretty darn similar to the Donut Shop I already love.  It's sweet, it's flavorful, it isn't weak or too strong, it's exactly what I look for in a cup of coffee, PLUS it has extras.  The focus blend has 50mg of L-Theanine in every 8 fl. oz. serving.  Wikipedia has this to say about what that does: 'Able to cross the blood–brain barrier, theanine has psychoactive properties.  Theanine has been studied for its potential ability to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition and boost mood in a synergistic manner with caffeine.'  The L-Theanine amino acid is commonly found in green tea, which appears in the wellness collection also.
     The antioxidant blend has 10% Daily Value of Antioxidant Vitamins C and E per 8 fl. oz serving. Now I don't know about you, but I drink several cups of coffee to keep me going through out the day.  I could easily get 30-50% of my vitamins C and E just with my coffee.  This is especially important to me lately.  Wikipedia say this about Vitamin C: 'Vitamin C may contribute to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes through a small reduction in systolic blood pressure, and was also found to both increase ascorbic acid levels and reduce levels of resistin serum, another likely determinant of oxidative stress and cardiovascular risk.'  And it has this to say about Vitamin E: 'As an antioxidant, vitamin E acts as a peroxyl radical scavenger, preventing the propagation of free radicals in tissues, by reacting with them to form a tocopheryl radical which will then be oxidized by a hydrogen donor (such as Vitamin C) and thus return to its reduced state.  As it is fat-soluble, it is incorporated into cell membranes, which protects them from oxidative damage.'
     Although not scientifically proven, the Acai berry and the pomegranate have been widely accepted as having antioxidizing properties.  Both of these berries are also featured in Green Mountain Coffee's new wellness line.  I really want to try those, I bet they are tasty!
     Over all, I would definitely recommend these two blends if for nothing but the taste alone.  However, the proven benefits of the extra ingredients in these two blends make them really worth recommending, so help yourself to some and there is no need to thank me for suggesting it :)
     Nervous about trying a new flavor?  Want $3 off?  Enter GMCBEWELL at the Green Mountain Coffee website to get $3 off at checkout.

Except for the product(s) given to me for the purpose of reviewing by BzzAgent.com, I received no compensation for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
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