02 November, 2010

Homemade Mayo, tastes just like the real stuff!

I just came across a recipe (sorry, don't remember where from), but it was for homemade mayo.  I've been wanting to try homemade mayo for a while.  Finally I got up the nerve to try it and Oh my!  This stuff is great!!!  Here's how you do it.  You will need the following:

One egg
Two teaspoons dijon mustard.
One Tablespoon White Wine Vinegar
One cup vegetable oil
and a food processor (I used my magic bullet).

First, you process the egg, mustard, and vinegar until its mixed thoroughly.
Then, you add 1/4 cup oil at a time and process.  By the time you are done processing your last bit of oil, it should be real, genuine mayo!

Learn from my mistakes here, folks.  Olive oil and Canola oil do not a yummy mayonnaise make.  Really.  Use vegetable oil.  Then use it to make egg salad or macaroni salad, use it for chips or in your sandwiches.  'Tis scrumptious.
The End.  Enjoy!


Cricket said...

Thanks :) This will be handy!

key2ynot said...

I can't wait to try this

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