15 November, 2010

***Dezign with a Z review***

I almost never use my writing desk.  Why?  Because I never feel very inspired while I'm sitting there.  It's boring and it faces a wall, but I really have no other place for it.  So it sits, unused.

But recently, Dezign with a Z allowed me to review one of their decals.  It's called Classic 19 Zen Wall Stickers.  It's a pretty funky looking tree that is sure to brighten up any drab wall.  I was offered to try one in silver, which is great because my walls are dark in my bedroom.

Check out my writing desk now:

Yeah... pretty neat, huh?  I love it.  Now, to be fair here, I changed the decal a bit.  Why?  Because I could.  I wanted to make it mine and it was really easy to customize it.  Just snip here, snip there, and voila!  My very own unique tree.  It reaches all the way across my desk, which I love.  

Dezign with a Z has tons of decals.  Take a look at some of my favorites:
Most of these decals are completely customizable.  That's one of the things I love so much about them.  Don't want the sun behind the horse?  Don't use it.  Don't like the grass?  I bet if you were talented, you could carve some pretty hooves out of that black.  But of course, it is beautiful just the way it is, so there is no need to... unless you want to.

Know what my absolute favorite thing about Dezign with a Z is?

Their mirrors!  Look at this bad boy:
Now tell me that you don't want that on your wall.  Go ahead, I'm listening.  Yeah, that's cause you do.  $128.  Not bad I don't think.  Just about 4 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet wide.  But like I said... it's customizable.

They have mirrors, chalk board stickers, murals, and even custom lettering.  They would make an awesome gift.

Now here are the pros and cons.

They look great.
Most are very customizable.
Lots of colors to choose from.
Decals can be reversed when you order.

I didn't think it was the easiest to install.  I actually had a small tear in the seems of one of the branches because the sticky paper was so sticky.  But if you take your time and be careful, I'm sure you'll be fine. They have a video to help as well.

Overall, I was very impressed.  I love my writing desk now.  I might actually write at it.

Do you have a writing desk?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion. Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory


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