06 November, 2010

Adventures in Tofu

I recently decided that I might try tofu, if for no other reason than to try it.  All of the kiddlets were actually willing participants in my experiment.  This of course was because The Big One was in school and not present.  But here is how it went:

First of all, it is not so easy to open a tub of Tofu without a knife.

 But once I got myself a knife, things went smoothly.  It wasn't pre-cubed like I heard it was supposed to be.  But I read somewhere that they are usually 1"x1/2".  So I went with that.  It was super easy to cut, as you might imagine.
Then I soaked it in soy sauce for a while, while I prepared the pan and stirring spoon.  I put the burner on medium high so that I could get a nice brown crisp.  I've decided that tofu is just one of those things that you need to turn your back on and let it cook.  Because if you watch it, it's never gonna finish.
 I fed the baby and did other things that needed to be done while it cooked.  Then I tried it and so did the kids.  The Punk LOVED it!  Piper liked some of it and decided some of it was worthy of spitting out.  Don't ask me why.  I was unsure about it.  It had a very strong nutty taste, something to be acquired.  i think I will try it a few more times to decide if it was maybe just the recipe or if I'm really just not a tofu girl.
But over-all, I think it tasted best this way:

Do you like tofu?

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