05 October, 2010

Fun at the Zoo: Part 1

For my nephew's birthday, my brother thought it would be neat to go to the local zoo. I say local, it was about an hour away, but the closest we have. It cost $10 per person, and anyone aged two and under were free. Anyone over 100 was free too, but I don't think there were any there *giggles*
You should know beforehand that I had taken two of my nephews for my sister, who was at the hospital with an ailing father-in-law. So My husband and I were in charge of six children all under the age of seven.

Now that that is clear... we paid our way in and the very first animal was hiding from the cold in his igloo dog house. I can't lie, we were a bit worried. But it turns out, he just wasn't ready to start the day, because all the other animals were out an about.

First were the foxes and the zebras. The foxes stayed curled up and sleeping almost the whole time we were there. But the zebras were up and munching quietly. As we walked from animal to animal, chickens ran about our feet. It was very reminiscent of my childhood years, except they were not chasing me for food and I was not running from them in fear. And uh... these chickens were funky looking. They were the kind with the feathers sticking out of their faces.

After the zebras and foxes were some goats and sheep, a few black bears, which I did not get any good pictures of, and some little pigs. I don't know what kind of pigs they were, but they were absolutely adorable.

The Streaker must have thought so too because she went right up to those piggies and told them "You guys are so cute!" and then gave the big beige one eskimo kisses right on his wet (and dirty) snout.

Along with the pigs, we saw some animals that we didn't know what they were. It looked like a deer/kangaroo/rabbit. I saw the sign, and I read the name, but I didn't recognize it, nor do I remember it. Next time, maybe I will bring a notebook. If anyone knows what it is, feel free to leave a comment and enlighten me :)

After the piggies and the unknown animal, were the goats, ponies and camels. Now, I had never seen a camel before in real life. And when I saw it, i was amazed at it's size. And I admit, I was very intimidated when it growled.

And then my mother, trying to give friendly advice, advised me to be careful that it doesn't spit on me. I was grateful for that warning, but after that, I was very nervous to take his portrait, afraid of getting slimed.

There were also alpacas in the area. Or were they llamas? To be honest. I am not an animal expert, I have no idea what the difference is. Perhaps I should look it up.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the zoo, coming up in a little bit. For now, I am off to get The Big One off the bus. But in the mean time, tell me... do you go to the zoo? What's your favorite thing to see there?


Shlamoof said...

Apparently alpacas have furry faces and llamas do not. Who knew?

Imagination-Cafe Magazine said...

Cool blog...love the zoo post. I'm your newest follower.

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Sandie lee =)

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