21 September, 2010

What is That Smell?


That's right, it was fair time last week. I love the fair. We always go the last day, Sunday. That is the day of the baby contest and also it is ride bracelet day. This year, I had three riders.

Now, before I tell you all the good stuff, I just want to say that FAIR-GOERS SUCK!!!!!

Yeah, they suck. It's amazing how adults can become children in more ways than one during the fair. First of all, we were cut in line to the ticket booth. I'm not gonna sit here and be all elementary and gripe about being cut. After all, my kids lost a couple minutes of ride time. A couple minutes in several hours is no biggie.

So we go to our first ride and it's the trucks. Don't they look cute sitting there in the back? Any way, they get in and some heathen in front turns around and very bluntly and purposely pokes Streaker in the forehead. EXCUSE ME!? I hear no scolding whatsoever from any parent watching the child. Honestly, I am not surprised by this. But I can see that his parents are not going to handle this, so when the child looks up to see if anyone is looking, I glare. And I glare hard. Needless to say, he did not poke again, although he did cower every second that he wasn't looking to see if he could get away with a second attack
So we go to do a second ride and (big surprise) we are cut in front of again. And again, there is an adult with them. I am starting to be annoyed by the rudeness of some people.

Then a whole group of kids come right off the swings, which the Big One had been asking about since we got there, and went right out the exit and back through the entrance, cutting an entire line of people who were waiting. Ride operator says nothing. But I'm not too peeved about it, until the Big One comes back out because they are one swing short and she is without a seat. Now I am fuming. What is wrong with people? If I saw my child pull that stunt of going out the exit and cutting an entire line to go back in the entrance, her bottom would be brought home to spend the rest of the night thinking about how she made the people in line feel. But apparently parents nowadays just don't care.

Some parents who did care? The parents of small children being trampled in the bounce house because the man responsible for the ride was SLEEPING!!!! Fast asleep. A very small girl starts crying because children who should not even be on the ride are trampling the poor girl and the operator says....

"Well, they just keep going in and no one is coming out."

Really dude? That's your JOB! You are getting paid for this. Streaker finally got on and got to slide once before being taken off. GAH!

At this point, we had been at the fair for maybe 20 minutes. And already someone has irritated me an average of once every 4 minutes. And 4 minutes later...?

Yep. You guessed it. We went to the kiddie section to get away from the idiots in the big kid section and apparently we were not the only ones who had been cut. Because as our children were exiting the ride, the people waiting at the entrance were so concerned about losing their spot that they wouldn't let us through the line to get our unattended children who had exited alone.

But.... after all was said an done, after the first half hour of the fair, the rest went smoothly and great. I won 2 second place ribbons for my photography and Baby Bee won "Little Rosebud" in the baby contest. My nephew won a bike in the raffle and my mom won a quilt.

It was a nice day and the kiddlets really enjoyed themselves.

Do you go to the fair every year?
Tell me about your favorite thing to do there.


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