18 October, 2010

The Window

I wish I lived close to my grandmother when I was a kid. I lived half an hour away and did not get to visit as often as I would have liked. but my mother did try very hard to get us there as often as possible. One thing I remember about visiting my grandmother is the cookie jar. It was our first stop, maybe even before seeing Gram.

This is the window:

Their great grandmother lives inside that window. The girls go there almost every time we go outside or come back from an errand. They go to get cookies. It is their cookie jar. It's funny how the apples didn't fall far from the tree.

The Streaker, who is actually clothed in the shot, is particularly fond of the window. And who wouldn't be? In the summer time, it is an ice cream truck, sans music and wheels. In the fall, it is crackers and cookies. She never forgets to go when she exits the truck. Even if we are in a big hurry, she has to go knock at the wall.

I know that when my kids grow up and have kids of their own, I will be keeping LOTS of goodies on hand. Things like wafers and caramels, oreos and candy canes.

What do you remember most about your grandparents' house?


Cricket said...

Well...the things I remember most about my grandparents house was the singing in the background and the basement. As you well know, Gramp always sung, or Gram Cracker was humming and the basement was our playland. The workshop, and the extra rooms gave great fun. And let's not forget the open closet at Grams! I miss them :(

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