22 October, 2010

*** Salon Grafix invisible dry shampoo review***

I had heard of leave in conditioners, but I had never heard of dry shampoo until I stumbled upon Salon Grafix. I was very lucky to be able to review their dry shampoo. For those who have never tried it, let me enlighten you...

It comes in a spray can, like hair spray, in fact, it smells faintly like hair spray, but not too badly and it does not really linger. You spray it at your roots by section or layer in short bursts about half a foot from your head. You wait for it to dry, (about one minute), then you thoroughly brush it out.

I tried it during a very busy week. I had had practically no "me" time and we were about to go shopping. I looked awful. My hair was starting to look greasy and I really didn't want to go out in public like that, but we needed to go shopping and I had no time to shower. It was pretty convenient that a few days earlier, my dry shampoo had arrived in the mail.

I've got to say, it's no match to actually shampooing, but it did make a huge difference in my hair. I have pictures to prove it. I will also say that it made my hair feel a touch straw like, but with a really good combing, it's not too bad and it's better than looking oily!

You can buy the shampoo at retail stores all across the country. It will cost you about 8 bucks. Not bad, considering how many uses you get out of it.

It has a new invisible formula that leaves behind no white residue. I've never tried the old kinds, but I was happy to see that there really was none. It effectively cleans and neutralizes odor. Honestly, I've never noticed an odor to my hair, but I bet it really would get rid of any. It's also 100% safe for all hair types and after washing my own hair, I can in fact report no damages that I can see.

It is certainly convenient, no one will argue that point. And apparently, it extends the color of your hair if you dye. I haven't dyed my hair in a long time, but when I did, I always lost that color in just a few weeks. I would have loved it to last longer.

Over-all, I'd say I am happy that I have this. I feel like I am always being rushed out the door. I can just spray this on, do my make-up, then brush it out real quickly. Heck, I could even let it dry while I make that last minute bathroom break before we hit the road. I'm glad i gave it a shot and I think I will pick some more up to keep on hand when this one runs out.

What's your favorite product?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion.


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