27 October, 2010

Some Spooky Fun

I recently got together with my sister for a "Halloween" party for the kiddlets. We had her jello cups and pudding cups (only with worms instead), as well as broomstick bags that a friend of mine told me about and bat pumpkins we found on the Family Fun website. I wanted to make caramel apples, but we ran out of time.

The broom stick snack bags were really easy to make. All you need is some brown paper bags, some scissors, some string and and a stick.
First, you take one bag and cut 8 or 9 lines going most the way down the bag, leave a few inches. You can cut these lines from the top or the bottom, it depends on the look you want. If you cut from the top and leave the bottom in one piece, it will give an organized look, but it you cut from the bottom, it's more of a ragged look. We chose the ragged look.

When you have cut the lines, you place another uncut bag inside. Then you fill that bag with whatever treats you feel like. We used some Swedish Fish, some Sour Patch Kids and some pre-bagged pretzels.

After that is done, you just put the stick in so that it is standing straight up, gather the bag at the top and wrap a string around. you can use any kind of string, but we think twine would look nice. We used a thin brown yarn.

And the pumpkins were really easy. For those, you need black and white foam, black duct tape, more if desired, a black sharpie, mini pumpkins, toothpicks, and glue dots or double sided tape. First we spray painted a bunch of mini pumpkins black. Learn from my mistake here, WASH YOUR PUMPKINS!!! I didn't, and it made for paint that did not stand well when up against sticky tape.

Then, we cut a bunch of eyes, wings, ears and teeth and drew on pupils with the marker. A few of the girls even had pink bows. Then we attached halved tooth picks to the back of the wings and ears using the black duct tape. Then we shoved the tooth picks into the pumpkin where we thought they looked best.

Next, we attached with double sided tape, the eyes and teeth. The double sided tape did not work well with the spray paint, I don't know if it was because of the pumpkins not being washed prior to painting or if it was because of the tape, but I would suggest glue dots be tried first.

The pumpkins came out adorable though and I was very happy with how quickly they came together and the kids loved them. We might try this again next year.

What craft do you love to do at Halloween?


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