18 October, 2010

***GW Company/Pepper Pot Review***

Behold... the special shelf.

There it is. I put baby books, photo albums, journals and high school notebooks and even autographed books in it. Pretty much anything that I feel needs extra protection so that it does not get ruined by eager kiddlets. I've added a few things to this shelf this week. And I am going to tell you about them.

You know how as the years go by, things get cheaper and cheaper? My baby book was so intricate and I loved it. Twenty years later, my kids books, I don't love them so much. They have so few spots for pictures and not enough room to really write what I want to write about certain events. They bite and I have been wanting to replace a few of mine.

Well, I was lucky enough to be given the chance to review a Pepper Pot Baby Book and Baby Photo album by the Awesome Gift Wrap Company. The woman I talked to was soooo nice and she told me that she would be sending a couple baby items. I had no idea what she was sending for me to review, but I love surprises, so I was anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

When I opened the package and saw the baby book and photo album, (and you can ask my husband about this), I was jumping up and down and clapping my hands. I was screeching with joy... I'm pretty sure I looked like a complete jack ass. I was THAT excited. I didn't even have to open the books to know that they were excellent quality. I could tell by the cover. But when I did open them, I was only reassured.

These books are GORGEOUS!!! The first new addition to my special shelf is the baby record book. It is the most beautifully made baby book that I have seen in a very long time. It has a linen cover with ribbon trim and a linen basket and leaves. That's a real button too! It also has 80 full-color pages and covers the first four years of your child's life, including their first day of school. It has pages for everything you could possibly want for the whole birth and going home experience, and my favorite part... lots and lots of spots for pictures.

Check out ALL the pages there are:
  • This book belongs to...
  • Mommy's Family
  • Daddy's Family
  • My Mommy
  • My Daddy
  • My Mommy and Daddy (photo)
  • My Family (siblings and pets)
  • Before My Arrival (finding out)
  • Before My Arrival (sonogram photo)
  • Before My Arrival (pregnancy memories)
  • Before My Arrival (photo of mommy expecting)
  • My Baby Shower (guests and gifts)
  • My Baby Shower (invitation and photo)
  • A Letter from Mommy
  • A Letter from Daddy
  • My Arrival (about me when I was born)
  • My Arrival (picture of me at hospital)
  • My Arrival (photo)
  • My Arrival (about my name)
  • My Arrival (handprints and footprints)
  • My Arrival (my birth certificate)
  • My Arrival (current events)
  • My Arrival (newspaper clipping)
  • My Arrival (picture of me and mommy)
  • My Arrival (picture of me and daddy)
  • My Arrival (Cards & Gifts)
  • My Arrival (Visitors that came to see me)
  • My Arrival (my birth announcement)
  • My Arrival (my newspaper announcement)
  • Welcome Home (about going home)
  • Welcome Home (a picture of my first home)
  • Welcome Home (a picture of my homecoming)
  • Welcome Home (a picture of my new room)
  • Welcome Home (the world around me when I was born)
  • Welcome Home (the cost of living when I was born)
  • Welcome Home (more photos of me)
  • Welcome Home (more photos of me)
  • Watch Me Grow (weight & height by month)
  • Watch Me Grow (doctor visits)
  • Watch Me Grow (favorite foods and eating habits)
  • Watch Me Grow (picture of messy me!)
  • Watch Me Grow (vaccination records)
  • Watch Me Grow (childhood illness records)
  • Watch Me Grow (sleeping habits)
  • Watch Me Grow (photo - look at me sleeping)
  • Watch Me Grow (dentist visits)
  • Watch Me Grow (dates my teeth appeared)
  • Watch Me Grow (photo - look at me in the tub!)
  • Watch Me Grow (my first haircut)
  • Watch Me Grow (my firsts)
  • Watch Me Grow (funny first pictures)
  • Watch Me Grow (favorite games and friends)
  • Watch Me Grow (more pictures of me)
  • My First Outing (about my first trips out)
  • My First Outing (photo of me out and about)
  • My First Vacation (about my first vacation and adventures)
  • My First Vacation (pictures of my first vacation)
  • My First Holiday (about my holiday)
  • My First Holiday (photo)
  • My First Birthday
  • My Second Birthday
  • My Third Birthday
  • My Fourth Birthday
  • My First Day of School (about my first day of school)
  • My First Day of School (photo)
  • My Special Memories (keepsakes, artwork, clippings, etc.)
  • My Special Memories (keepsakes, artwork, clippings, etc.)
  • My Special Memories (keepsakes, artwork, clippings, etc.)
  • My Special Memories (keepsakes, artwork, clippings, etc.)
  • My Special Memories (keepsakes, artwork, clippings, etc.)
  • My Special Memories (keepsakes, artwork, clippings, etc.)
That's a lot of pages. I love this book and I know you would too.

The Baby Album, also by Pepper Pot was just as refreshing. It is nice to see good quality products nowadays, when you go to the store to return defective products half as often as you go to buy them. But trust me on this, you WILL NOT want to return these if you get them. They have 100 acid-free pages that hold up to 200 4x6 pictures. That's a lot of photos! And the acid-free part ensures that your photos will be protected for years to come. It's also got a linen cover with a ribbon accent and a really cute design.

Look at that book! It's part of a 9 piece keepsake collection that includes keepsake boxes, a baby record book, photo frames, brag book, growth chart and more. I was definitely very impressed with the quality and beauty of these books and I would very highly recommend them.

Thank you GW Company!!!

What does your baby book look like?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion.


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