05 October, 2010

***Tommee Tippee Review***

If you are not familiar with Tommee Tippee, don't feel bad. I wasn't either, until I was told about them from a friend of mine. I am so glad she shared with me, because this company is great. They have everything you need to feed your child, and their designs are so smart!

For instance, for babies, they have what they call "Closer to nature" bottles just for newborns. They are designed to mimic the mother's breast for an easier transition and a wider neck nipple for easier latch.

And for bigger kids, they have Easi-Roll Bibs that have a catch pocket for little spills and dribbles. And they roll up for easy travel.

When I got my Tommee Tippee in the mail today I was so excited. I couldn't believe it came so fast! When I opened it, I was very happy to see a set of two orange weaning bowls with a cover and spoon.

Now, I won't lie, when I saw the cover, my first thought was "What the heck... what am I gonna use a spoon holder for? Wouldn't I just keep it in the bowl until I'm done with it?" And the snap cover for the spoon tray had me all confused. But then the whole ingenious idea behind it's design really hit me. TRAVEL! Of course! When you are on the go, who wants to wash a bunch of spoons? And likewise, who wants to put them in the bowl, only to have to dig them out of whatever mess is left over from lunch to clean them at home? I actually can't believe I haven't seen this design before now. It's brilliant!

Now as far as whether it was a hit with my kids...

You'd have thought I pulled out a life size barbie! I had to get up immediately and make The Streaker something to eat or she was going to have a melt down. And she even got upset when I took the spoon and cover for a minute to clear off her tray. No joke. These are HER bowls. So I guess I will have to get more for the other girls.

We decided to have some potatoes. I mixed them up and put it in the microwave. The bowl did great in the microwave, and it has a large lip on one end so that you will not get burned if you leave it in too long and it is hot. Major points on that one!

I would give these bowls two thumbs up for sure. Great design, great look, great product. Here's some stats on it that I also liked.

explora® weaning bowls with lid & spoon x 2 - Orange

  • 2 x 11floz/325ml bowls
  • BPA free
  • Spill proof lids for less mess & less stress
  • Ergonomic shaped handle for easy grip
  • Stay clean cover for spoon - always keeps clean when on the go
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Suitable for all forms of sterilization
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Use in conjunction with the magic mat

The Clever Bit

Works in conjunction with the tommee tippee® easi-mat. The easi-mat sticks to most flat surfaces and holds bowls and plates securely in place which creates less mess and less stress

What product do you have for feeding time that you just can't live without?

Disclaimer: I received these products to review and was not paid for this review. My review is 100% my honest opinion.


Jus Nikki said...

Absolutely love Tommee Tippee products these are the only bottles I use for my little sweetie! I wish I knew about these bottles for my older kids.

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