10 October, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish (Random Ramblings)

I went to a baby shower today for my cousin. This is her first baby and I am so excited for her. She was unable to get a second ultrasound to determine the gender, so we will not know the baby's gender until he or she arrives. Personally, I think it is fun that way. My first two children were surprise babies. And the second, she really WAS a surprise!

My cousin has decided to have Dr. Seuss be the theme for her baby. And I think that is awesome. Dr. Seuss is an all-time favorite with kids and he's just so fun.

There were Dr. Seuss fishes all over the tables, which were covered in polka-dotted table cloths and there was a great big Seuss inspired cake. But my favorite part of the decor were these real living fishes in red, blue and yellow.

I have always wanted a beta fish, but The Man always says "Babe... I want a tank. He can't go in the tank." So I have never ever had one. But I love looking at them. And while we were there, I snapped some pics for fun.

My girls, I expected to act up horrendously the whole time. But I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually going to be okay. I say okay, because they did get a little restless, but I was able to enjoy myself without running after them or taking any out to the van to "think about things". I had a good time. We are trying some new behavior fixing strategies around here and so far, they are working great! If they keep working, I will share the secret. But for now, I'll keep it to myself because I hate saying something is great just to find out it's only great on a trial basis.

I let the girls use my camera while I was there. They are actually pretty good at taking photos. I'm impressed. Even my two year old likes to take pics. My six year old took the one below. I was a bit peeved with her at the moment because she would not sit still with my camera. But I wasn't going to let the camera know that. I refuse to knowingly take an ugly pic.

But anyway, the shower went great. I ended up taking the red fish home. No, I didn't ask for it... it was offered. And of course, I was not going to refuse it! When I got home, I realized that with two cats and four children, I really had nowhere for the poor thing. So for now, it sits in my china cabinet, but I will find Prudie (yes, Prudie and I don't know why) a new home soon.

What's the best prize you've ever received?


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