01 October, 2014

Recovering From Yesterday With a Bit of Thanks.

 Happy First Day of October!!!

     Yesterday was not a great day.  I swore that I wouldn't let it bring me down and that I would rise above and well, I didn't.  I allowed the day to just wipe me out.  After the toilet flooding incident, I got a phone call at home from a grandparent of someone that Punk has been clashing with for years.  I guess she wrote a pretty mean note to this boy.  I found out that it was not only my 8 year old, but that an 8th grader was assisting her and doing the actual writing.  The fact that someone found my home number and called nearly gave me a heart attack.  I don't give out my number and it isn't listed under my name or my husband's name.  In fact, I just don't do phones at all, I don't even call my friends or family except for a few select people.  Truth be told, I am petrified of certain situations and awkwardness is one of them.  I think I cried for a half hour after I got off the phone, and the phone call could have been a LOT worse.
     However, I digress.  It's over and I'm moving forward.  Today, a wonderful woman posted something on her Facebook that reminded me of something that I haven't been doing very well.  Showing thanks.  Don't get me wrong, I always say thank you when someone does something for me, but I don't show gratitude for the things that no person is directly responsible for.  Things of this world that I should be thanking God for or events that we attend, things I don't know how to say thank you for.
     So without further ado, the first day of my Joy Challenge.  Disclaimer: I absolutely do not expect that I will remember to do this every day.  My brain could only dream of being that functional :)

3 Gifts Orange:
1. The pumpkin that will grow from the seed that Baby Bee placed into the potted soil this morning at school. I am thankful that she can write her own name and I am thankful that she is always thinking of her brother, who she made one for when hers was done. I am also thankful that she is enjoying school, even after I leave.

2. The bag of pumpkin spice coffee sitting by the Keurig. I don't use coffee often and will probably still be digging into that bag long after pumpkin season is over. But I am thankful that I have coffee here to fall back on if I can't afford Dunkin. In fact, I am thankful for coffee in general. Especially the Pumpkin Mocha flavor at Dunkin right now

3. The title block of this blog. It's pretty much just an online diary, but it will be my therapy of sorts to help me stay on the bright side of things. It was a free blog template, so I am happy for that.

     I'm sure that I could come up with more, like the Home Depot event this Saturday that we go to every month or the pumpkin patch that we will be visiting, also this Saturday.  But I will stop here for now.

Enjoy your day,


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