06 October, 2014

Yesterday Was One Day Away.

     I can't remember most of what we did yesterday.  Okay, I'll start with the morning.  We woke up, got dressed and went to church.  One of my favorite ladies was out on vacation, she is the one who always helps me with the kids at pew time.  It's not that they act up too terribly, but there are five of them and some days they have bad attitudes.
     So they went to Sunday school and worked on the Christmas program with the wonderful lady that does that.  Then we just stayed downstairs for pew time.  The girls played in the nursery until Jr. Church time.  At that time a family friend brought Baby Bee to class for me.  So I was upstairs by myself for service.  No kids, no nursery or sitting in on Jr. Church to ease separation.  It was awesome.  I doodled the whole time.  It sounds bad, but it really helped me listen.  I just doodled instead of taking notes.  My doodles were pretty good actually.
     It was a service all about voting for what you believe in and having the responsibility to go vote.  I learned stuff too, I love that Pastor K always throws fun facts in there.
     Anyways, after that we went home.  I have no idea why I thought that I would have time to make a quick stroganoff.  I had like 20 minutes from the time that I pulled in until the time that I had to leave for the soccer game.  I started defrosting the meat and boiling the water, then looked at the clock and panicked.  We were about to be late.  So we grabbed snacks from next door and ran.
     Okay, I'd like to say ran, but really, I begged and pleaded and we still left late.  We showed up 10 minutes later than intended, but we were still not the last ones there.  The Big One still had 20 minutes of warm up before the game started, so it could have been worse.
     She did awesome!  The first part of the game she did what she always does.  She ran with the ball and kept up with it, but if the ball came to her, she waited for someone else to handle it.  But after the first part, she actually kicked the ball.  Then again!  She actually got the ball away from someone.  It was amazing!  Total transformation out there, it was wonderful to watch.  And they won!  9-2, I'm pretty sure it was our first win this season.
     We hung out for a bit on the playground there before leaving.  Then we went home and settled in while we waited for that same family friend to come grab Broofy to go play some bowling.  While he was gone I finally made the stroganoff.  Then I did some dishes and cleaning and laid down to watch Chicken Run.  I only got a few minutes into it when The Man came through the front door.  He must have had fun, cause he was in a pretty good mood.  And I hear he didn't do too bad.
Okay, now on to my Joy Dare.

Sunday's was 3 gifts returned.  *sigh*  Time to put on my thinking cap.

1.  Well I guess if my husband returning home counts.  I mean, he returned.  So...  We're going to go with that.  My husband had a great time.  He won a few games, lost a few games.  It was good for him to get out and have fun without the family.  I'm happy for him and grateful that he could do that.
2.  The roller blades that The Big One got for her birthday were returned to us this weekend.  It's not a huge thing, the people borrowing them could have had them for a lot longer, but she loves having them, so we're grateful to have them.  We bought them for $1, which was also something we are thankful for.

3.  Phone call.  At least we'll claim it was a returned call.  About Girl Scouts.  I have been wanting the girls in the scouts for years, but it hasn't happened because I am always out of a vehicle in the winter just long enough to sabotage plans.  But not this year!  Wait, did I just say it was Winter?  Yeesh, I think I did.  Feels that way some days.  Anyways, the call was about Punk being able to go hiking today after school with the troop.  Punk was so excited.  Just another thing that we are grateful for.

Well, I have just one more post for today, so until then,


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