18 October, 2014

I'm Not Sure Why I'm Finding This So Confusing

     Okay, so I'm pretty sure that I am home schooling.  The Man said that I needed to get the house situated for home school and that he would likely give his consent, which I mostly have.  So the plan is to let the school know on Monday, then start the Monday following.  The issue that my brain is having is keeping which courses she will be doing straight and not mixing them up.  So here it is, her week laid out so that I can't mess it up.  In no way do I expect to adhere to a strict schedule.  The schedule is only to help me figure out what should come first.  So, her days will tentatively consist of:

7:45 - Drop Girlfriend off at school
8:15 - Get home
8:25 - Breakfast and a Bible Lesson
8:45 - Reading
9:25 - Writing
10:00 - Snack
10:15 - Elective
     Mondays: Library
     Tuesdays: Art
     Wednesdays: Music
     Thursdays: Home Economics
     Friday: Health/PE
10:50 - Lunch and Recess

12:00 - Math
12:40 - History
1:20 - Science

Then of course her outside social activities consist of:
Monday: Playground with friends
Tuesday: Soccer
Wednesday: Band, Playground, and Youth Group
Thursday: Soccer and Awana
Friday: Kids Club
Sunday: Sunday School and Jr. Church


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