30 September, 2014

I Hate When I Forget to Title My Posts :p

     This is one of those mornings where I have a totally rough start.  Usually it drains me and I have a hard time moving forward.  This morning it actually wasn't the kids, the kids did pretty good, actually.  WOOT!
     This morning it was the sight of my home.  Remember how the toilet needed hauling up?   Well it had been, ahem, not done.  Remember how a few kids had snuck in and pooed in the clogged toilet?  Yeah... I turned on the toilet water supply to try to flush and dilute what was in there in a vain attempt at not having to scrape it all out.  Then forgot the water on.
     Fast forward a few hours and we are all going to bed.  Boogie is running the halls, getting out the last of his energy, while the rest of the kids are sleeping and Broofy and I are watching House.  Then I swear that I hear splashing.  *Gasp*  Oh no!  He's splashing in the toilet!  Who left the door open?  Gross!
     Yeah, no.  I WISH he were splashing in the toilet.  Somehow he managed to flush it without us hearing it.  Multiple times.  He flooded the whole living room, the bathroom, and part of the hallway with crap water and was splashing in that.  To make matters worse, I had just moved every misplaced thing from the other rooms of the house into a big pile on our living room floor.  New books, papers, shoes, all drowning in poo water.  Luckily, it was mostly clothes and so they are washable.  But really!?  The living room?  Couldn't have flooded the kitchen across the hall or the hallway?
     All day today I will be cleaning up schnit water and schnit water-logged possessions.  Then I will be surface mopping, then bleaching with the shampooer.  It's all I can take not to sink right back into that depression I am crawling out of.
     God, help me.
     I leave you with this because it makes me feel better:

Here's hoping the day goes better from here on out.  Have a great one,


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