06 October, 2014

We Love Home Depot!

     The first Saturday of every month is one of our favorite family days.  First thing in the morning we wake up and get dressed and do that hurry out the door thing, but it's all worth it.  Because this is what we are getting ready for:
     How fun is that?  Each month they make and paint a new project for free.  Last month they made a Wizard of Oz birdhouse with the witch's feet underneath.  This month, they made an EMS truck and got to explore an ambulance up close.
     It was so much fun this month.  All the kids did great on their EMS trucks.  They built and painted in record time.  Each used different colors and Punk placed her signature heart on her truck's roof.  They had a fun time.
     But the ambulance was the real show stopper.  We're very fortunate that the kids' school brings in the smoke house, fire truck, and ambulance every year for the kids to see and they love it.  But this time, it was a bit more interactive.  The girls got to go in like always, but there were stretchers and things that they could sit on.
     Just as we were about to leave, Cutie saw that a boy got his face bandaged and asked if one of us could do that.  So Mouth asked for her completely unaware that she would be the one getting it done.  Delta Guy wrapped her head up in a bandage, and then tried to make her trick or treat.  I think it was mortifying to her, which made it way funnier for the rest of us.  We were cracking up so hard.  But she wasn't scarred for life, so we're good.  She had fun.
     After we left, we went to visit my sister and the boys, then home to get Punk and Mouth ready for their games.  Punk refused to play because Daddy took her drink away.  Mouth didn't have her mouth guard for half the game and didn't try as hard as she could have the second half.  It was also drizzly, so it was a crappy couple of hours.  But we survived.
     After that we went home and had a marathon of House because that's how you end a day.  With House.  And Pepsi.

Until my next post,


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