07 October, 2014

Fear is Only a State of Mind

     Remember the problems I mentioned about Punk and Bus Kid?  Well his guardians have agreed to meet with me at the kids club in town so that we can watch how the two are when around each other so that we know who is doing what kinds of things and how to help the kids to get along.  I expect that I will survive, but I'm anxious.  Who am I kidding, I am anxious over ANY social interaction.  I'm like Baby Bee that way.  But Friday will be that day, so wish me luck!
     Today was another lazy day.  I did dishes and made cookies for Boogie because he asked me to.  Talked a little more with the family friend about The Big One and all that good stuff.  Then I went to a soccer game that was cancelled for tragic reasons, so we just stuck around while the girls played on the school's playground for a bit.
     All in all, it was just a nice, quiet day at home.  So on to the Joy Dare.

A gift baked, stirred, eaten.
Well, darn.  I only made one thing today.  So we'll start with that.

1.  Baked:  That would be the Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies that Boogie gave me to make.  I let the Bee help me make them and then of course she got the spoon.  We ate them all before the girls got off the bus.  Normally I am way more thoughtful.  Although we did save them each a 1/3 of a cookie and they were utterly grateful.  Made me feel bad.  But anyways...
2.   Stirred.  My coffee, I am always thankful for coffee.

3.   Eaten.  The apple that Punk left for me on my steering wheel on her way to the bus this morning.  It was a nice surprise when I went to bring Baby Bee to school.  Also the plum that The Big One gave me when I walked in the school doors and the apple Punk brought me when she got home.  My kids can be so thoughtful.

Well I guess that's it for today.  Until next time,


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